Friday, April 13, 2007

Just like the Energizer bunny...
This log cabin blanket thing is fun - I'm definitely hooked. Zoe has already claimed the blanket and is watching every strip knit up. It's a great easy knit, perfect for TV and child watching.
I'm not getting bored and I'm not sure why - after all, it is garter stitch and garter stitch and more garter stitch... (Maybe by the end of the thing, i'll be singing a different tune, but for now, each new stripe is fun!
Some of my fellow Knitsmiths might recoginze their old skeins in the mix - since more than a few of these were from our various swaps.....
The 2 bags of yarn don't aren't getting any smaller. I keep adding new skeins to the mix every time I use one up - a great way to use up the strays in the stash.
But I may be looking for extra skeins by the end -- Debbie Bliss cotton DK anyone?

And hey, if I'm using up so much of the stash, It's OK to add a little, right? This was too good a bargain to pass up. Aubergine Peruvian Wool - 10 skeins. I can't pass up purple.


Jofrog said...

Fun fun! I love watching other people's log cabin blankets grow... that way I don't have to knit one of my own!

colleen said...

Fun! I agree with Johanna about the knitting. But hey, if you're enjoying garter (and we all do once in a while) then go with it.

cassie said... that log cabin blanket, as simple as you say it is, it looks really cool. Definitely want to get the pattern as I'll need some projects as the days go by!! hope you're having a good week.