Friday, April 27, 2007

Because it looks the same to me. I think it measures about 3'x3', but it's just slogging along now. I did stop binding off and picking up after each stripe like the pattern tells me to (why did I ever?) I just put the stitches on a holder now, way easier, plus I'm using less time AND yarn.

Speaking of yarn, I felt pretty pathetic with my unanswered plea up on the blog, so I deleted it and went off to buy yarn. Convinced I would spend no money on the project, I went off to Micheals - a store I never consider when I get my yarn itch. BUT, gotta say - the yarn snob in me is a little humbled. That cotton ease is nice stuff. And only $5.99 a skein. The sugar and cream works really well with the Debbie Bliss and it was about $1.5o ea. I'm still not sure I'll turn into a Lion Brand fan, but there were some good little bargains in there amongst the fun fur. I just might go back someday.

so anyways,... here's round two, which I'll add to the other stuff.
When it runs out, she's done.
And a little sidebar, remember this Miss Bea's Cardigan? Almost two years later, it fits!


lisa b said...

awesome...i'm still waiting for scout's to fit...probably when she's 12...what was up with that sizing?

Jofrog said...

Did you find the new cotton ease somewhere? Michaels you say? I'm definitely a Cotton Ease fan. I may have Sunday as a mommy day. Penzeys and Michaels may be in the plan!

sarah-Hope said...

It looks huge, really huge. Huger than some of the smaller European nations.

Does that help? :-)

Anonymous said...

thank you Sarah Hope! it helps..

colleen said...

I love that gigantic blanket :-). The colors are beautiful.

And mice for a month? Lowes better be giving me a free grill for that.