Friday, May 25, 2007

Read through and there's a cocktail at the end..... I figure I'd better do it before i forget. So, what's seven things about me that you all don't know - and would maybe care enough to read about?

1. My Grandma Pearl was the first knitter I ever knew. She never taught me how to knit, but she did teach me how to play mah jong, which was probably way more important around the clubhouse in 1970s Ft Lauderdale.

2. I have a collection of fabulous high heeled shoes which I never wear because it seems crazy to put them on and go to elementary school pickup or the food store, but i really want to.

3. I have always had fuzzy dice on my rearview mirror and still do. My first pair was a joke in high school. To this day, I don't like driving a car without them.

4. I collect kitschy salt and pepper shakers.
5. I can swear and insult people in Tagalog.

6. I was kicked out of Brownies for talking too much.

7. I was dumped by my 8th grade boyfriend for cutting my hair short.

Hope you are all entertained (or at least, still reading)... Now, I need to tag 7 of you. So... lucky for me, the knitsmiths provied a handy list of names and blog URLs. sorry guys, my blogging world is small!

Dana (or Not Dana...)

And since it has been hot out, a new cocktail. Pictured above. A berry tonic.

Tonic water
cranberry juice
and sliced strawberries.

It's not bad - I've realized I'm a big gin fan, so expect more gin drinks as the summer goes on. there's been knitting too, but I don't have a good pic. Diamond lace vest coming along.


Carol said...

Just saw this at the bookstore today and made me think of you -

Nell said...

Mmmmm..... gin!

I love kitsch. Especially salt and pepper shakers. Unfortch my husband doesn't agree. But I try to sneak it in here and there.

gabriella said...

You can swear and insult people in Tagalog? Wow. Will you teach me? I got kicked out of Brownies for thinking that gluing popsicle sticks together was boring and beneath me (those artists' kids...such snoots when it comes to "art" projects!). Thanks for the drink idea - that sounds fantastic in this awful humid weather - will give it a try! ~gabriella

Dava said...

Nothing like a cold gimlet on a hot summer day. Sublime (forgive the pun).