Friday, June 22, 2007

The back of Josephine is done and I am still loving her. I'm a little uneasy about the measurements, but have decided to trust the pattern instead of altering things - after all, I did go through the trouble with this one to buy the right yarn in the right gauge, didn't I?
Lucky for me, I had an appt with the Insurance Division of MA on Weds, so there were a few hours of steady knitting time. I was hoping the beach might also work, but Zoe's got other plans for me this summer. So, maybe one more week and Jo here will be ready to wear?

And this is where I am with all the buttons - after weeding out a big bunch for a friend who does button art. The baggies are the fancy buttons - metals, rhinestones, pearls. I tried to be brutal, since I only HAVE three tins - and one lifetime in which to use these up....

Ironically, my next sweater (sizzle) has no buttons.

but guess who bought some vintage ribbon on ebay last night?

uh oh.


Carol said...

I would never have thought of doing that pattern but it looks gorgeous. The color is minty in this photo and grassy in your last post. Will I see it in person on Sunday??

lisa b said...

i'm almost finished and the thing looks huge even though i got gauge...we'll see...also, looks like you modified the "allover texture" pattern to an every other row instead of every third?

Sarah-Hope said...

Great buttons! I love, love, love sifting through piles of old buttons. I actually dreamed about doing that night before last :-)

Batty said...

Josephine is looking good!

Mini said...

Hey , I am almost done with the back of my Jo too! :) almost the same color, too!

I am not sure i am loving the "textured" pattern on the top,but I am sticking to the designer and hoping for the best.

:) kate