Friday, June 08, 2007

Sitting out on the porch with my knitting - and, since it was way early in the day, my water. Think I'll be doing the same in 50 years? If so, i hope to upgrade the plastic chair to something nicer.....
it's been beautiful the past few days, and the girls have taken on the healthcare needs of some wounded moth, so outside we have remained. Good news for the diamond vest, which is too big for the road these days. Working on the front now, it's almost done.
On a whole new front (really new), I just couldn't leave this bag of lovely cotton at Wild and Wooly today. The Clearance Sale - I had to visit. And since Arwen, I have definitely had a soft spot for raspberry in my wardrobe. So, now I got me a big batch of L. Harding Nautical Cotton. I know nothing of the stuff, but I'm thinking summer tank. Any suggestions? It's 20 sts x20 rows on #7s. Not much elasticity, but a good heavy mercerized cotton. Hmmm.
Not only was the stuff on sale, but I had a $12 credit. Good Day. Made even better by the fact I ran into Alison and Wee One among the skeins and spend a little time chatting over a coffee. (Ah, the life of a stay at home mom.....)

And a promise to finish the light gray cardi before I begin anew. It's completely done (buttons and all) except for the neckline, which I have been doing and then frogging. I love the thing, but cannot decide how best to do it. Must make a decision soon. Ugh.
oh, and to those of you with leftover sock bits, thanks! I'd gladly take 'em and make some more baby hats and play with fair isle designs. fun fun fun.


Carol said...

I love the nautical cotton. I made Sizzle from the Knit & Tonic site with that yarn. Let me know if you'd like to see the pattern and/or finished object. I wear that tank so much I'm thinking of making another.