Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So, I love my new cardigan ... I've worn it twice so far and am loving the feel of the Jo Sharp. What a silky soft cotton. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good summer yarn.
I also love that I made the sweater long enough so I can bend down in my jeans and not worry about the rear view --- now THAT's good design, yes?

But, in the meantime I've had a sock in the bag. Socks are the best for when you're out in the world and find you have a few minutes to kill - sadly, I began this one last October and it's been in the way way background since then. But as my two sweaters grew bigger and bigger, and my other socks were finished, the sock got another shot at life. Here's finished #1.

But, a problem - I'm running out of yarn for Sock #2 - ugh. You guys know the drill.

It's Regia - not sure the colorway but you can see it pretty clearly. Of course I have bunches of leftovers and can make the toes out of something else vaguely matchy, but am wondering if anyone has used this and has a little ball they don't want? I'd rather not buy a whole new skein and add it to my leftover pile ---

Anyone? Does it look familiar?? if not, get ready for these to reappear with red toes.


Nell said...

Shoot! I don't have that one. But I hope you find it. Sending good thoughts your way!!!