Saturday, June 16, 2007

with a few sunny days, a sweater in the making, and a cocktail on the porch. The sweater is the Diamond Vest from Jo Sharp Summer, knit out of Debbie Bliss Merino DK in deep gorgeous purple - my fave. This shot shows the real color nicely. It also shows how badly we need to paint the front porch, but hey....

The drink above is Sparkling Limeade & Gin with sliced limes and juicy strawberries.

It was REALLY good.

The kids were happy in the yard, so I got a lot done. Enough to get blocking by the next day.

And seaming

and finished! I especially like the back, which was a surprise, since it's not pictured in the pattern book anywhere. Can't wait to wear this one, but it'll have to wait till Fall.

In other news, my vintage button addiction is in full swing. I have over 6 lbs of buttons in transit to me from spots around the country. Not exactly sure what I'll DO with over 6 lbs of buttons, but they're coming.... and they're so pretty.

no more Ebay for a while.


Gayle said...

I absolutely love vest! Though on my screen it looks to be a lovely maroon sort of wine color (which I like.) Can't wait to see you in it.

Sarah-Hope said...

Aren't old buttons wonderful? They're one of the reasons I've blocked ebay access from my work and home computers. (Melissa is threatening to do that for me now with Little Knits!)

The vest is beautiful. I've got a different Jo Sharp book on order that has several patterns I like--she's good.

Can Melissa and I order a pitcher of the cocktails to be delivered? We'll share. :-)

Carol said...

The vest is gorgeous! How's the fit? Is it for over shirts or stand-alone?

Hey, do you have the IK Summer mag?

Plum said...

I really like the vest, expecially the tie, perfect for fall. My mom bought me about the same amount of buttons from ebay too, for Christmas. They've been great!

Knittypants said...

Cute vest, I like the little bow.