Friday, August 03, 2007

here's the beginning of the outfit coming for my new niece - coming to match, an Anouk, which I've always wanted to knit. My leftovers from the Log Cabin Blanket match this pretty amazingly well - so I'll be knitting from the stash AND being a fabulous aunt to new baby Ailee.
(who is a niece, not a mice, like Sarah Hope originally read - I did laugh, Sarah. I've had the baby mice, and amazingly, I was able to fight any urges to knit for them. Although, talk about instant gratification... what would I cast on? Like 5 stitches? Knit for 1 inch? Cast off. Oh it would be nice... to knit for mice... sorry. couldn't resist.)
I'm using the first of my VINTAGE RIBBON on this hat, which I just made up. Picot edge and some eyelets on a basic knot top hat out of stash Koigu. I'm pretty happy with it. See the Vintage Ribbon stash below. And be bitter, because I bought all of it for $5 on Ebay.
yep, $5.
But here's the real news of the day. Way too hot to go to the beach, so we stayed in and played with some birthday presents from last week. This was a little seamstress kit. And that would be, with the pincushion on her wrist, apparently, the Little Seamstress.
Show this kid some needles and yarn and she bails after ten minutes. With a ton of excuses - her finger has a cramp, the needle's a little cold, she has to pee, she just remembered her butt itches. But this? This went on for HOURS. The measuring, the sketching, the gluing and the SEWING. Actual SEWING. She let me show her how to use a needle and thread.
Amazing, i tell you. When you see a whole new side to your kid!
(you know, the side you've been looking for)

First, we did the pillows. One for her and I did one for Zoe.

And then, the Piece De Resistance, the DRESS.

Ignore the obvious nipple issues. When you're 8, these things don't dawn on you. She cut up an old pair of shorts to make it, based on one of her drawings. I think we have a whole new use for the Goodwill bag. My apologies to the needy humans, who've now lost out to an entire colony of naked barbies. And maybe one Ken, who'll probably get nothing.

Mama's proud. She's Crafty!


Batty said...

Cute hat!

I'm impressed, your daughter is doing better at this sewing thing than I am. She's got real talent!

Jofrog said...

Way to go Maya! What fun!

colleen said...

Oooh, crafter and designer.

May said...

Thea, clearly, your daughter can design. Not only that, she can excecute the idea exactly. These are talents. I would be a proud mama.

Carol said...

So impressive! She's a clever girl. Your hat is very pretty too! And yes, the ribbon collection is a steal. Thanks for showing it!