Saturday, September 22, 2007

it's just my coffee. Today's Yom Kippur - and although I'm not exactly a model Jew, fasting or templing at all, I figure I'll stay away from the sauce. Besides, this was taken at around 9am this morning. when - trust me - the coffee is way more appreciated than even a perfect gin and tonic.

I figured I'd be wallowing in all the media attention by now, having written up the next Big Hot Pattern, up there with Clapotis and Monkey on the Ravelry board. But since that apparently isn't about to happen, here's my Drops Cardigan.
I'm still telling myself that I'm working on the PDF posting for Babycables and Buttons, but mostly that's given way to distraction, because I really don't have a quick easy answer - and it's soooo much easier to do the quick and easy stuff when you live your life in 10 minute increments. (After that, I'm always called away for something unbelievably important to someone else - and really quite ignorable to me)

Besides, I'm thinking it's not a huuuuge priority, given the demand. But,for the 2 of you who've asked, I'm still working on hat pattern #2 - it'll be a more involved pattern for an adult head, but since no one has even seen it, I'm guessing your lives won't change if I don't post it this week as I'd planned.

Because, people, Drops IS quick and easy and totally moving along, even in 10 minute increments. Must knit more fat yarn. Must.

And just look how it matches my favorite clogs! The Moms on the playground won't even know what to do with me when I get over there in this thing.

Thanks to the Central Square Goodwill and my NEW LUCKY JEANS I GOT FOR $4 (yes $4!! I almost broke a leg grabbing them off the rack) my ass won't even be showing. Seems the makers of the Good Jeans know something Old Navy doesn't. Amazing. I squatted, I bent over, and I touched my toes. Nothin. Fully worth the $4 - and you know, for this kind of dependable coverage, they might even be worth the $100 they charge in the mall.


Carol said...

Drops is lookin good! The reason you don't always use chunky yarn? There's a yin/yang to it: Quick knitting but sometimes bulky wearing it. Cardigans are usually safe though!

PlumStitches said...

I'm so jealous of the $4 Lucky Jeans. I bought my first pair a few years ago, convinced that they were a little snug. Well now they fit perfectly, so although it's painful, I do think they're worth the $$. Love those clogs and the color of the new sweater - you are going to be the envy on the playground!

Carol said...

Fully expect a photo today of the new sweater!!!