Friday, November 02, 2007

This one's for my non knitting friend Amanda, who said she liked Cabled and loved my green Cascade. Being a sucker for any positive reinforcement, I knit it up.

And added some vintage buttons. I have no idea why this is underlined.

Since Cascade was a whole new weight, i played around with the gauge. Turns out you can knit the Cascade on 6s, cast on 110 and do 7 cable repeats, instead of 6. Fits just fine.

I also played with the length. I like it as in the original pattern. If you like a longer hat, add a few rows of stocking stitch after the row where you decrease (K2, K2tog) in the cable section and before you begin the repeating decrease rows.

I like it to fall about mid ear, which is where my first two hats fall, and where this one ended up too. Seems the button band just sits right this way on my head. Maybe if it was a brim hat, I'd go longer. But not here.

Any longer and I feel like I have a loooong cabley forehead. But that's just me. And hey, given my Never Follow the Pattern history, I encourage you guys to play with it and knit as YOU like it on your heads!

Amanda gets hers this afternoon - am hoping she'll like it!


colleen said...

MMMM, I'm liking the longer version. Cascade 220, eh?

I wonder how the hat would look with ear flaps.

Sharon said...

Oh it came out awesome. I love the Cascade color. I'm such a sucker for green.

Batty said...

It's fabulous! I love the button detail, it makes it look very sophisticated.

Sarah Jackson said...

that turned out beautifully. I'm coveting that color of Cascade 220. Yum!

Gayle said...

It is a real sweet pattern and I am enjoying re-knitting it (wasn't paying attention and was dropping stitches so I had to start over). I am using a tweedy blue - a more winter look.

Knitting Bandit said...

Way cool hat!!