Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I knit.

Aparently a lot.
Here's the point at which I couldn't possibly get any farther on my Tilted Duster. Got the front and the sleeves done, but had left the back home in MA. Never thought I'd get far enough to need it. But I did. Maybe it's just a really fast project? Or maybe I spent 4 nights in a row, knitting. What do YOU think?

This is my other holiday project - Veronik Avery's long lacy gloves - Glove #1 here. They were supposed to be longer, and therefore lacier, but I was at a point where I needed to pay less attention, so I began the stocking stitch for the hands.

I am really happy with them so far - and am very excited to finally spend $30 on sock yarn and have it out where I can see it! Will get going on the fingers soon - you can see the thumb on its holder there --- my silver hoop earring. Again, I never thought I'd get so far and was caught without my holders. But in a pinch, that earring works like a dream!

Unfortunately, both of these projects are about to zzzz (as they say on Ravelry) since I have a little deadline knitting ahead of me - and Hanukkah starts in two weeks....

The other thing I did over Thanksgiving Vacation was to put some serious time and thought into the whole yarn store question. Looking at the #s, talking to some LYS employees in both Boston and NJ, and reading through all your feedback and threads about other LYSs. I'll spare you all the drawn out rationale which we've been tossing around and sum it up - Long story short, no yarn store for us.

And a quick plea to you all - support YOUR LYSs. They're feeling the pinch. They can compete with each other, but they can't do a thing about the big interent shops. Buy in person, or buy from Etsy. Support your small business person - it's not easy to do what they do out on a financial limb. and if you expect them to keep doing it, they really need your support, so make the extra effort if you can.

PS. If you head to Princeton NJ, go down to Pins and Needles on Chambers St - amazing stuff, lots of unique yarns, great book selection and a wonderful owner - Kathleen. They also have a really cool needlepoint area - maybe another future craft?

but now back to the knitting.


Sharon said...

Oh yours is coming out great! I am drooling over the color. Can't wait to see the modeling shots on ravelry!

colleen said...

What? Ravelry has slang?!

Batty said...

I had no idea Ravelry has its own lingo! I have an account, but I haven't been there much... maybe I should spend more time there, or I'll miss all the fun.

Good luck on your deadline knitting. Considering how much you got done over Thanksgiving, I'm not too worried about you. You're fast.