Monday, December 31, 2007

Surprisingly, I've found time to knit almost every night this week! It makes for some impressive progress to round out the year.

First, another chemo hat for my friend Amy. She's been on my mind, although I have not seen her since school vacation began. It's a deep cranberry red, perfect for the holidays. Too bad I didn't finish it for the holidays. But perfect for Valentines Day just the same, right?

A few more feet on the BCBG knockoff. That's an armhole there, breaking up the 5 feet of cable. I'm at armhole #2, but haven't committed to how wide my back is yet. Will do so after I post this!

A new project just begun. Marley - out of log cabin blanket leftovers.

As for cocktails, tonight we're entertaining. I'm doing booze with the appetizers and in the dessert. The appetizer is a champagne cocktail.

Cassis liqueur in the bottom of the glass, and a mint leaf on top. Pretty. Very festive!

The dessert is a Southern Comfort Cake with a sugary burbony glaze and powdered sugar on top. Served warm with vanilla ice cream. The cake is a total 70s throwback - it's made with both yellow cake mix and pudding mix! And of course, lots of Southern Comfort.

No pics, since they're not prepared yet. If I want to risk ridicule later on tonight, maybe I'll whip out the digital camera in front of the guests. We'll see. Depends on how many of the champagne cocktails I've had, doesn't it?

happy new year to you all!
Am planning to knit out of the stash in 2008 - wanna guess how that's gonna go?


Carol said...

Happy new year! Photos of all food and cocktails are a must, ridicule and all. The cake sounds too good! Best of luck with the Knit from Stash thing - I failed miserably in 2007. I think I made it to late Feb. after the new Rowan came out...

Sarah Jackson said...

Happy happy New Year!! The knitting looks great and the meal/cocktails sound divine. Have a fantastic time.

Sharon said...

Happy New Year! I'm glad we met up on Ravelry and chatting it up this year. Abundant blessings to you and your family for 2008!

Batty said...

Lots of knitting. Happy New Year!

cassie said...

How'd the cake come out?? yum..Nice hat -- do you think I could knit that? I'd like a small project - nothing to over commit myself given my primary focus on diapers! happy new year...

Michelle said...

what is the pattern for the hat? did you make it up yourself?
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

didn't have an email for you Michelle, so hoping you read this...

did a multiple of 6
a few rows of ribbing and then..

k 2, yo, k2tog, yo, k2tog, k1

all the way around.

As for the decreases, I don't remember what I did - but I think I decreased in the knit panel first, and then eliminated the yo's one by one to get pretty far down. Then did a few k2togs. Between every dec row, I always add a k row.

It has a nice spiral.

hope that's at least a little helpful! thea

Michelle said...

thanks thea,
that was helpful.

Anonymous said...

ooops Michelle ---

multiple of 7

(k3 and two K2togs)