Friday, December 21, 2007

My version of Wendy Bernard's fingerless mitties. I used the Hacho yarn, which I love. Soft and spongy and the most amazing colors.
At 40 sts around on #5s, these babies pretty much knit themselves up during a morning playdate! One skein made two fingerless mittys, and Walgreens had lots of Magic $1.99 gloves to toss underneath. These dark blues are looking a little worse for wear after one wearing - you get what you pay for, dontcha? Lucky for me, I loaded up on a ton of em.
Otherwise, I've begun some math and designing on the wrappy thing. Found a new cable that I love, and it reminds me of this sweater I saw at Babystyle a while back and was convinced I could make. I would only add two buttons at the top, and of course, make a NON maternity version. But I loved the cables and lace combo, the fat garter edges and the black buttons. And I have a giant batch of off white worsted, just living aimlessly in the stash.
Am a little torn in two directions now. Which to do? I think thet wrap will go faster, and maybe the sweater after. And if I do the wrap first, I can play with the cables a little more before going into a whole sweater.
We'll see how it goes. On the topic of other quick and easy things, am also still playing with my friend's limoncello. ;-) It's REALLy good with some carbonated limeade.

I mean REALLY good....