Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thanks so much for all your amazing comments - here, on Ravelry, and on Knitty. I so appreciate the encouragement, the compliments (why, thanks) and the positive reinforcement! The designing is (at least so far...) kind of an exercise in self doubt (do they like it? Will they knit it?) and you all made me feel like I'm on the right track.

The PDF is done and all I have to do is add the paypal button - I'm thinking $5. Just waiting for Craig to be home so I can have a second opinion on how I do it.


Second off -- yep, it's another Cabled.
But there's a story this time.

You might remember Amanda's Cabled - it was green. I gave it to her, and she loved it.
Then she left it on a laundry pile.

You all know where I'm going with this.

She didn't do it - her husband, in a fit of well meaning Suburban Husband Housecleaning - decided to do the laundry. And in that completely clueless way that men who aren't in charge of the house chores sometimes DO the house chores, he made it into a little felted yamake.

Amanda - gotta love her - decides to wear the thing anyways, constantly pulling it back down over her ears as if it's gonna stretch back someday. I see her across the parking lot a few times and thought it looked short, but I have glasses and I don't wear 'em so I'm used to doubting my judgement.

About a week later, we go out together. She's wearing it, and it's so obviously shrunk and felted - so I ask and she tells me the story. Told it while repeatedly pulling it down towards her ears and forehead.

She loved it enough to wear it even when it looked stupid.
How cool is she? Totally deserved a new hat.

And above, on the subject of new hats, Maya has put in her order and designed a new one. (that's her design on the paper) Seems she wants to rotate a new one in with her everyday Santa Cruz hat.

She's about as dedicated to her hats as Amanda, so I'm starting on it today.

It's soooo nice to be appreciated, isn't it?


Carol said...

Amanda is the best! How cool to keep trying to wear it. Is Maya's new hat striped or ribbed??