Friday, March 28, 2008

It's kind of fun to do things a few ways, and as a mama, it's a way of life. Dinner most nights consists of me making the kid rendition with some simple seasonings, and then a grownup version with the spices or sauces the grownups want.

Here's cocktail hour from a few days back. I had Apricot Mango spritzer, mixed up with a little pear vodka. Maya insisted on her own snazzy drink - I gave her one of the B-list wine glasses and she came up with an OJ, apple juice and spritzer concoction. Pretty tasty, in fact. And the pineapple spears? Her idea.

Honestly, it usually turns out pretty good both ways.

So -- in this spirit of experimentation, the Vintage Golden Cardigan is off being test knit! Two of my old buddies from Knitsmiths are giving it a shot, and one fellow Raveler. It looks like we may even see a version in an alternate yarn. As a knitter who's always altering things, I'm looking forward to seeing what they work up. Tune back in later on and see how it's going!

On MY needles, for a little while longer - is the Stardust Cardigan. This is a cool knit. I love the construction, the details and of course, the alpaca. Plus, it's a knit you can really whip through since it's small and cropped.

As soon as I'm done with it, I'll be tackling Maya's tank. Which, with any luck, could turn out to be another free pattern to hang out with my hats.

The thing that's tripping me up is the idea of knitting a border of circles along the bottom edge. I don't want to crochet them, but she wants a row of big different colored circles along the bottom making a non-lacy scalloped edge.

I have to do some stitch dictionary and pattern research and see what the best technique's gonna be for this... anyone know?


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Batty said...

That cardigan is looking very nice!

Anonymous said...

I have been overwhelmed with work (and vacation) and had missed out on the Vintage cardigan. That's a beautiful pattern! I definitely want to make one. Once you have the pattern up, I'll post about it on my blog.