Friday, April 11, 2008

about the idea of a scarf for warm weather, but the Montego Bay pattern is pretty. Here it is finished and flung attractively over my patio table, which doesn't get hot and bothered if it's all draped in fabric on a sunny day.

Besides this, I got nothin'. It hasn't been a knitterly week around here. All the warm weather has turned my OCD tendencies towards the garden and some minor home improvements that need to happen before summer. In fact, given an extra hour yesterday, I popped over to the liquor store to stock up on whites and roses, rather than upstairs to the patterns and stash.

oops. sideways.

In other news - one short charity plug. Fellow Knitsmith Gayle is running the Boston Marathon for the 4th time in two weeks and another fellow Knitsmith Carol has posted a raffle with fabulous yarn goodies if you sponsor Gayle for any amount. Here's the link!


Sarah Jackson said...

It's really pretty! Scarves like that are always nice for the cooler spring days. I can see you wanting to think about anything but knitting as soon as the sun and warm finally hit!

Kathy said...

That's a cute scarf!

Anonymous said...

Love the scarf and the warm weather - time to start thinking of summer knitting, finally. YEAH!
PS I am overwhelmed by the support of the Knitsmithers! THANKS!

Gran from Tx. said...

I love checking on the knitsmithys and all of the beautiful projects. I was looking thru your photos and found a beautiful cartigan...burgandy with silver flower buttons. Can you give me some information about the yarn and pattern? I envy your knitting group...

Thea said...

Hi Gran from Tx,

Thanks for your comment - that sweater is made of Manos yarn - the worsted weight in a brown, purple and burgundy colorway - and it's the simple cardigan pattern from the Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits. The buttons might be hard to find again - but I had gotten them at Wild and Wooly in Lexington MA. Thanks so much for checking in! I'm sure you can make a version close to mine. have fun!