Friday, April 25, 2008

Here's Maya's Circley tank, redux. It was almost done, but we took a good hard look and decided it wasn't up to par. The fit was a little off and the design wasn't turning out as planned.
So we crapped the whole thing and began anew.

This time the dots are all texture - starting bigger and getting smaller in rows. Makes a little A line shape. The little umbilical cord is a thing of the past. And the circles along the top of the front will also be purled into the fabric. If I actually sit down to knit today, I might even get it done. We'll see. It's another gorgeous day, so chances are slim.

I couldn't last night - the whole project sat in my lap and my hands were slack as I got sucked back into Lost and the Office. Turns out I can knit to reruns - not so much to new episodes of my favorite shows. I think the strike ruined me - I got so used to not caring what was on, I could power through and knit anything. Now I'm so happy to have new shows that I'm taking full advantage!

(and who saw that smoke thing??? holy crap!)


On the Golden Cardigan front, we're almost there. Three test knitters are knitting away - and one's almost done! For anyone looking to see some progress, check out Colleen's been sharing details and pics on her blog. (The other ladies are blogless, but I'm sure they'll post their FOs on Ravelry)

now, off to the Zoo. (really, the real zoo - Zoe wants to see the jaguar)


femiknitter said...

I know, right?! The smoke thing--I didn't see that coming. I can't seem to know much during Lost--I get partially through a row, and then I stop to stare at the TV. I would love to know how much of the show is meticulously planned, and how much is just sort of put together as the seasons go on.

Batty said...

I don't watch any of those shows (watch very little TV), but I can't knit and concentrate on TV in general, regardless of the show. Which is a pity, because it seems like just the perfect opportunity to get things finished.