Thursday, June 26, 2008

I know I did.

Was just putting an almost forgotten wooly blanket in the groovy mothproof Sweater Bag and saw this on top. I thought maybe you'd all like to take a gander. I love it. Especially the color - a deep brown with flecks of blue and green throughout. The yarn is Reynolds Whiskey - bought at Wild and Wooly's sale a while back. A nice delicate wool, but not so soft, so this won't be a sweater to wear next to naked skin I got burnt at Reveah (for all you local Boston folks) Beach yesterday, so there's NO way I'm putting it on my tender red shoulders today - hence the flat pic on the deck.

Why is it we always manage to put the sunscreen on our kids so carefully and fuck it up on ourselves every time??

Also on the Whiskey - it has very little springyness to it (is that memory?) The button band is already beginning to stretch out at the buttons, so I'm thinking I'll add a ribbon to the back before I wear it next fall. That should give it some stability and prevent me from getting little "tips" down the band as I wear it more often, yes?

Anyways, a great knit. I changed the shape of it, but used the basic instructions from the original IK pattern. The smocking was easy, but pretty labor intensive. What i didn't photograph is the back - it has another panel down the center from the neck to the ribbing. Very cool.

Here are the little buttons I used. Pearly flat with little detailed gold edges. Hard to photograph with my low end little camera, but you get the idea. Delicate little buttons for a delicate little sweater.

And since neutral IS the new purple around here, another brownish number in the works. This mushroom colored yarn is Patons Grace - a way cheaper alternative to either Rowan Glace or the Debbie Bliss called for in this Becky. So far I like it a lot - the color is awesome - a taupey brown - and the drape and sheen are pretty close to the Rowan. I'm afraid it's a little uneven - can you see that in the photo? I can. But maybe it'll block out - and for $2.50 a skein, really, can I complain? Almost done, just these shoulders, so we'll try the iron soon and see.

On other fronts, I'm happy to see how many of you are casting on for the Golden Vintage Cardigan! Thanks so much for the votes of confidence. As soon as i finish my conversations with Colleen, we'll have a perfect neckline in the large sizes and i will send a revised PDF out to you all. If anyone is knitting a small, by the way, you're all set. Since that's my size, and I've been wearing my sweater, I'm pretty happy with the fit on that one.....

anyways, no cocktail yet - I'm still working on my coffee. Am hoping for some knitting today since I plan to keep my lobsteresque shoulders and legs out off the sand - and the kids have buddies coming over. Am looking forward to a few hours of solid ignoring ahead. :-)


Sharon said...

You are absolutely right. I worry about everyone else and I'm the one with 2nd degree burns on my shoulders.

I love that sweater. I think a super thin long-sleeved t-shirt that adds no bulk will be great to keep the Reynolds Whiskey off of your bare skin.

Really, really pretty.