Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yep, all it took was about 5 weeks, a thousand or so dollars, and an endless supply of patience.
All I really had to offer was the 5 weeks,
yet somehow here I am, typing away on my new laptop.

So many new pics to share, I'm just not sure where to start!
Maybe with Maya, since she was so willing to pose for some shots -
unlike Zoe, who is apparently too tired to be bothered.

I'm still trying to knit down the stash over here - I even managed to ignore the siren song of the Wild and Wooly Sale last week (something I've never managed to do before - but maybe that $1,300 computer bill had a bit to do with it.). Always a good bargain - those bags of stuff on the floor all over the place, it's so much fun to see what you'll find. In fact, I just finished knitting my last bag from the fall sale, and still had a few skeins left from last years's spring sale too.

Anyways, i digress.

So, knitting down the stash. Tired of the early morning arguments about spaghetti strap tank tops at school, I dug into my three remaining skeins of Louisa Harding nautical cotton (ironically from one of those sales) and we whipped this puppy up. No more arguments!

Off to pickup for the last day of school - tomorrow, more pics. And this weekend, some serious proofreading and posting of the Cardigan Pattern -- I promise!


Carol said...

Love the little cardi! Did you use a pattern? or is it the Anthropologie inspired thingy?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Corwink said...

Super cute cardi!

Deborah said...

Love the cardigan, good compromise! Welcome back!