Monday, August 18, 2008

As the fall approaches and my knitting/blogging desires return, I figure it's high time to take a little inventory. For any of you who read here regularly, you know I've made a little promise to myself to knit down the stash -- so with that in mind:

I give you Batch A.

Things I Have About Enough For A Sweater Of.

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in jade green - the lace pullover from the new IK
Sublime Merino DK in deep gray - a February lady sweater
(no link necessary since the whole world has already knit one)
Queensland Aran Tweed in gray - this asymetrical tweed number
A gorgeous alpaca in purple with blue heather - Ysolda's Coraline
Rowan Harris Tweed in purple - ?????

and a ginormous batch of UFO cream colored worsted/aran weight wool already begun.

It was going to be a chunky cardigan with a lace motif.
I have to revisit it and see what to do here. I do love this, but will it be waist or hip or thigh length or short or long sleeved or not sleeved?
And what kind of neck, collar? Belt? Buttons?

As you can tell, I'm still thinking it out.
It's fun to knit the lace, but I'm at a Shit or Get off the Pot point - armholes if it's short, no if it's going to be long. Since I can't decide, it's been living here in limbo.
At least it's pretty, huh?

These two batches of laceweight mystery fiber might just become the darted cardigan from IK - I am going to try and swatch with them knit together - I have about 1000 yds of each. If this works out, I'll be able to eat up TWO stash bits with one project.
(Ooooo, watch me go...I'm on fiyah)

And these -- the A list from my 200-600 yd piles.
Still undetermined. Some more gloves or mittens, maybe a scarf, a shrug, a cowl... we'll see.

So baby steps, right?

(PS - there's still lots more in the stash - this just represents the favorites,
the first knits, so to speak...)

At least I've culled the cream from the crap, and whether I stick to the plan or not, I finally have a plan to start from - or to scrap and revise as I go..

I must deserve another drink after all this hard work - the latest thing we just tried:

Burbon, Ginger Ale, a little seltzer and lime juice.

(Congrats to Sarah on guessing Jordan's first! Still waiting on a tale for the second button batch. If I don't get one, I'll pick from the other commenters tomorrow and send the second prize to one of the other 6)


Carol said...

Jordan's has an entertainment space? LOVE that Bitter Purl design. May just see that going in my queue...

Miss 376 said...

Plenty to inspire and keep you busy. Feels good when the pile decreases

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I'm queueing Coraline. Great stash organizing- I may have to wait for a kid or 2 to grow up and move out to have room to organize mine, but then again, once they do, I'm sure I'll try to fill their space, too. I need help. Where's that drink recipe????