Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This isn't it.

Poor Paley will have to wait. The yarn's all piled and ready to go,
but I'm not putting this down for a while. Kathmandu Aran and Cables.


Hilary said...

Kathmandu could one put down Kathmandu Aran??

Carol said...

Having a decent copy of the pattern would help, wouldn't it? I'll bring it Sunday. The aran cables looks so squishy!

Octopus Knits said...

All that cabling looks like fun!

Holli said...

Gorgeous work, Thea! And your "half-stash" purple sweater is amazing! Love all the cables.

Thanks for your comment on my current blog post. I'd love to come knit with you and your group sometime. Please share the deets and I'll be there when I can. Also, I DO work at MOS -- do you visit on occasion? Or are you a member? Please let me know if you ever visit -- I'd love to see you and show you and your children a few of my favorite exhibits. MOS is a really, really fun place!

PS my email -- if you'd like: