Friday, January 30, 2009

Sounds like a children's book that won't exactly sell. A one armed Penguin dreaming about some liquor. Sounds like a Nam flashback tale for kids. But it's not. I'm kinda hoping there aren't any nam flasback stories for kids. Really.

Anyways, here's Partial Pengiun. He's not even connected to the wine fairy. That's down below with a different photo.

He is missing an arm, but that's because I'm still working on sleeve #2. Sometimes I like to seam and do a fitting before I finish the knitting, just in case I'm off on sizing. I wasn't. She's balled up her hand in the sleeve, it's not too long. And it's just wide enough. I still need to make the little 3-D beak and wings as well, but we're well on our way here.

I'm liking how it's turning out. Here's the snowflake on back. Kept me from getting bored.

But then I got bored anyways and cut Zoe's hair. She likes it.

I should manage to finish up the penguin and take some good shots of both the sweater and her new do in the next couple of days. She wasn't in the mood here. The cookies were way more interesting than me with the digital camera again. Even Maya couldn't be bothered to look up - and she's never met a mirror or camera she didnt' love.

So onto the Wine Fairy.
You've heard of the tooth fairy, but this is even better.
And he's real.

This is what he leaves under the pillow - or more sensibly, in the entryway.

Sometimes I come home to bottles in the mudroom and sometimes we just get a knock on the door and a delivery! It's awesome. Our good friend is a wine salesman who occasionally finds himself with way too many open bottles after a day's tasting. They're usually half full. Sometimes even more. It was perfect last night as we had good friends over for dinner and the impromptu wine tasting was a welcome addition to a little chicken and mole sauce.

Don't worry, cocktails will return soon - but we'll need another day to get through these.
(with help, of course - that's too much booze for even a fan like myself)


Holli said...

The penguin sweater is adorable, and so is your little girl.

A wine fairy!? OMG - LUCKYYYYY

Nell said...

OMG! The wine fairy rules!!!

Johanna said...

We have a wine fairy too! It's our landlord. He makes wine in the basement and on any holiday, special occasion, or the random weekend or weekday he leaves us a bottle by the door!

...the best part, it's really good wine!

Anonymous said...

I want a wine fairy!!!!!

Super cute sweater.