Monday, January 05, 2009

I'm feeling a little Deja Vu here, but ta da.

I didn't really mind reknitting the back piece, except that it's put my other projects on hold for a few days. The big lace diamonds are addictive and the yarn is big enough that it's pretty quick knitting. The real holdup was that we had houseguests for a few days, and I was doing other things besides knitting. Drinking mostly, so notice the water here on the table. ;-)

But this was the scene yesterday, as I spread out and reblocked the entire puppy. Notice the big clean blue towel below the sweater this time!

Which was a good thing, since I saw a few bits of sauce on the table from the nights before. You can see the cleaning gets done AFTER the knitting around here.

It's seamed up now and I'm working on the collar. A few more inches to go. Amazingly, the sizing and gauge seems to have worked out perfectly, and hopefully I'll have no new surprises. Just buttons to pick out...

This was a good stashbuster - I had a ginormous amount of this cream wool, and after this is done, I'm betting on two skeins left. Not bad for a freebie. I think I've had it three years now. Perhaps a hat or some big cabled mittens for that NaNitMo thingy Carol started?

Waiting in the wings here is Kingscot, out of a stash batch of jade green cashmerino. I have my doubts about the durabiltity of the yarn, but the color is so gorgeous and it feels amazing. Anyone have tips for stretching the life of your cashmerino before the crazy pilling?


I know I should be doing some kind of 2008 wrap up here, and making some big statements for 2009, but honestly, I have some mental block about creating the list. Instead I'll just say I think I've been doing pretty well at knitting down the stash. I'm hoping to continue with it. I will be trying to publish more patterns this spring, and I might try smaller projects in the interest of time for test knitting. I also have to begin looking for part time work, with the goal of a job by fall. Beginning with the dusty resume. Later on.

More immediately, my LYS has the big winter clearance this week, and I'm not going to promise anything - the siren call is already pretty loud in my head.

I even bought a couple gorgeous single skeins this weekend which I'll share later this week. I have a long day in the Faulkner hospital on Thursday (as the driver and babysitter for someone having a sports injury repaired - nothing scary) and have set myself up with a few fun distractions :-)

You'll see.


Holli said...

Good work on reknitting the back! It looks incredible, I can't wait to see it all put together. And I just got some cashmerino aran to make a sweater for my niece. I'm looking for a way to reduce the pill too -- maybe someone will have some genius idea?


Sarah Jackson said...

That looks really fabulous.

My only suggestion with the cashmerino is that you knit at a tighter than suggested gauge. Not sure how that works with your sweater pattern, but it's the only thing that has worked at all for me.

Amber said...

My only tip for the cashmerino is to not let a man with stubble wear a sweater with a high collar made out of it.....

Lessons learned. ;)

Though mine was the RYC brand..

Anonymous said...

Knitting definitely before house cleaning! Can't wait to see the sweater all put together- and what buttons you find.

Carol said...

Nothing can be done about Cashmerino piling. I have a love/hate relationship with that yarn for just that reason.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it all finished.