Tuesday, March 17, 2009

going on in my knitting world.

So I'll lead with this peaceful lovely photo of baby llama yarn. Softest stuff ever. I got it at a Buy One Get One Free Sale at Island Yarns in Waltham. I'd never been there, and it is a little off the beaten path, but they have lovely yarns, Rebecca Magazines, and a Sale. So I trotted over last week. This stuff is already being knit up into something, which I'll tell you about soon.

Otherwise, I feel like I owe you all some updates.

Administrative details to attend to, if you will, so here goes:

1. The Golden Vintage Cardigan has been written up into larger sizes. After hearing from a bunch of you in the past few weeks, I finally sat down, figured out the math, and created three new sizes going up to 48/50. However, my new sizes do need a few test knitters before I can release them into the wild. Anyone wanting to knit it, please comment me WITH AN EMAIL and I will send you the file. I can't pay for yarn or time, but I can give you the pattern. (theeeere's an offer you can't refuse, huh?)


2. Look at this:

It's a new Ravelry group!

After the past few years of trying to find cool stuff for Maya and ultimately either adapting, designing, or copying things we find in the store, I thought it would be a good idea to have a bunch of frustrated knitters who are doing the same thing pool our resources.

I've seen some amazing things on Ravelry from other parents whose kids are also too old for the little cutesy patterns (it's like Reindeer Horns on a dog sometimes, isn't it?). The kids want cooler stuff and we want to knit cooler stuff, so now we can help each other find it.

I started it 2 days ago, and so far 97 people joined in. Already I've gotten some great ideas and seen some awesome knits. Thanks to all of you who have shared your ideas - both Maya and I are looking forward to some great projects..


3. I'm working on the snaps and lace cardigan pattern and YES, YES, YES, I promise an adult version too. Pretty much because I want one myself :-).

So far I have one test knitter for the kids sizes but would love a few more. I'm going to create sizes from 8-14. A few of you have volunteered, but I can't get back to you off a blog comment, so please please send me an EMAIL. And again, I can only offer you the pattern for free as the extra yarn is claimed by test knitter #1.

anyways -- stay tuned and give me your emails if you want me to get in touch with you!
Must get stuff done if I'm to keep my green beer date at noon.


Holli said...

Sweet. I just joined you on Ravelry --- my 8 year old niece will thank you!

Anonymous said...

Off to join that group...

Nell said...

Baby llama!?!?!??! I want a baby llama!