Sunday, March 15, 2009

My plan was to hold onto these photos for a few days while you all got to read the post from yesterday. But apparently I have no ability to lead a nice patient, spaced out, delayed gratification type life. So. But I love this, and so will Maya when she gets home from her sleepover. I borrowed a neighbor's sewing machine and did the ribbons while watching HBO and having a new drink (see below) last night.

I think for the written pattern, I'll give you all some closure options, since the sewing part was a little challenging for me. (Not due to the whiskey, really I'm just not so good with a machine)

I loved knitting this one up - a little simple lace goes a long way. And the kid sizing made it go quick - only 66 stitches for the back and 35 for the fronts. Whoosh. What has it been? A week or so?

Anyways, here's the back. Four lace columns, really simple, but kind of cool.

And a total front shot. I decided to just add the snaps up top, so you'll see the navy ribbon peeking out. M said she'd wear it with a navy shirt so it would really match....

And below, last night's drink.

I'm not a whiskey fan, but I'm finding I like it mixed in stuff. Since we had some ginger ale left from the rum drinks last week, I took out my trusty Mr Bostons for an idea. I think this was a Horse's Neck. Not sure why.

If you do follow my lead and try this drink here, remember that any whiskey coming from Ireland or having the numbers 12, 18 or higher on the label is NOT a mixing whiskey.

( Craig asked me to remind everyone so you don't waste the good stuff while making these.)

2 oz of whiskey (I used Johnny Walker Red)
Ginger ale
ice cubes
shot of lemon juice


PS - got one test knitter, so the yarn is spoken for. Would still love to find another......


Melissa said...

I love how this turned out - super cute!

sue said...

It did turn out so cute!

Carol said...

Love it. G will look great in this!

Anonymous said...

An adult version would be great too!

yoel said...

What a sweet little sweater! The cocktail sounds yum too!

Shauneen said...

I would love to be a test knitter. I have a little girl that would love a size 10 or 12. Will work for yarn :) Let me know - Shauneen Linton

P.S. Have never been a test knitter, but I am game if you are. My creds - I have won some prizes in the State Fair for the last 3 years if that helps.

Hilary said...

Adorable! It would be very cute as an adult sweater, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so cute! Since I have the most NON girly girl in existence, I'll have to wait til my twin nieces get a bit bigger. Sigh.

Holli said...

Ah, Thea -- I LOVE the cardi! Can't wait to see M modeling. Great job.