Thursday, March 19, 2009

That's what this scarf is. It's the Rib Rib Cable, made out of a baby llama, which is amazing and as soft as a Baby Bottom. It's being knit as a trade for a vintage dresser. Pretty good, huh?

A friend of mine had this gorgeous old dresser she was about to list on Craigslist, and I noticed it sitting out on her porch last time I was over there. I offered to buy it, so she said $50, I said OK, and I left. Pretty good deal, actually since it was going for $100 on Craigslist.

Till I got home and there was an email. Stating that instead of cash, which she couldn't really take from such a good friend, so how about a hat? I said OK. Then there was a second email. She REALLY loved the light blue scarf I was wearing and would, in fact, Super Love a soft white one way more than a hat.

Hey, works for me. In two more skeins, I'll drop it off and pick up my new dresser.

These two skeins are my contenders for the adult version of the Snaps and Lace Cardi. I couldn't decide, so I took home both for swatching. Am planning that today. I love both of them, so there's a chance I may end up with two grown up cardigans for me .... we'll see.

Lastly, I leave you with Maya, channeling her Inner Model.

One knee bent and leg up, arms on the rails and head tilted. I think she's been looking through Vogue a little too much. This "photo shoot" was hilarious.


Hilary said...

Barter Stitch...very clever. :) I love Maya's pose! And the sweater looks fantastic. I think the grown up version would look great in either yarn you chose.

Carol said...

Totally up for an adult version in the classic silk. Hope it swatches up okay!

Anonymous said...

Silk is my vote.

She looks fantastic- so does the sweater.