Friday, June 05, 2009

Look what I got for $5!

Enough vintage glass stirrers to keep me amused all summer. 5 huge flowers, 6 palm trees, 4 bunches of seagrass, 3 tropical fish and 8 drinks. We'd been noticing the poor flamingos are always in high demand around here, so this is a much needed addition to my little vintage cocktail collection.

The tiki heads were already mine, although not legally. I stuffed them in my bag after a night at a cheesy Polynesian joint called Kowloon, out in Saugus. Awesome place - thatched decor, tropical thunderstorm, floating band, fountains, plastic palm trees, etc. The floating band might be a memory from the Tonga Room (one of the best happy hours in SF!) which I'm now assigning over here, but hey.

My memories of Kowloon are, shall we say, hazy, so I'm not so surprised. I also only went there the one time - unlike Tonga, which I frequented often - again, great Happy Hour.

In addition to the tikis, I got some pineapple and coconut shaped cups and, amazingly, the entire scorpion bowl. I have no idea how I got all that crap out the door without being caught, but apparently I did. Young and drunk can make you quite capable.

The rest of the spoils were split amongst the group of us in the parking lot, and these guys have been with me ever since. Occasionally I visit the coconuts in Charlestown.

So, look. Some palm trees and seagrass.

mixed drinks.

giant flowers.

And I have some friends coming over tonight for caprihinas. Perfect.

For those of you who may want to know about the knitting next to the tiki heads, those are one more pair of mitts with a gull lace pattern on them. I wanted to experiment with the lace for something else and loved how it looked in DK tweed on mitts. So, that pattern's being written up and will appear on the sidebar in a few weeks.


Hilary said...

HAHA! 4 cups and a scorpion bowl?! That's impressive! Once, in college, I somehow managed to sneak 3 sets of silverware out of a bar in my miniskirt, but that's nothin' compared to a scorpion bowl!

Your new stirrers are absolutely adorable. My favorites are the drinks. It seems so perfect to stir one's drink with a drink!

Hilary said...

P.S. Did you hear that they're closing the Tonga Room? Such a bummer. :( I will always cherish the memories I have of that place, including my father drinking almost an entire scorpion bowl himself and my brother sticking multiple straws together in an attempt to steal some of my Pina Colada from the other end of the table.... (We are a classy family.)

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love your score!! Those are great.

Batty said...

Those are awesome! Immediate happy summery feeling.

Holli said...

Isn't ebay the greatest!? What a great find ... and the Kowloon tiki heads (and other stuff)... well that's pretty hilarious!

Patty said...

Oh - I've also had a hazy night at the Kowloon a long time ago! Good times. Love the stirrers but is there anything you can do to make it feel like summer around here - it's freezing!

cafemis said...

hi dear friends,have a nice night,see you