Monday, June 08, 2009

With a lot of help and feedback in the past few weeks from my first few finishers, I'm feeling like the rest of you'll all be able to knit a cardigan with the correct number of arms etc., so this puppy's done. It's available for purchase either here on the sidebar or on Ravelry.

If you are on Ravelry, check out Kym's finished dark gray number, which she posted yesterday. I know the others will surface soon so you can see them too :-) I already have and I like them.


Anyways, to match the cardigan, above is a Nantucket Red drink which I think is perfect for summer. It's a little different -fruity and tart and just a little sweet at the same time.


In a shaker, mix the following (measurements are for 2 drinks)

Pomegranate juice - about 6oz
One lime. Squeeze and then put the slices in the shaker.
White Rum - 4 oz
6 ice cubes

shake and pour into glasses

Add Sprite (any lemon/lime soda would work) - about 6 oz
Add sliced strawberries - 4 or 5 big ones

You can add the sprite a little at a time, to gauge your tart vs. sweetness.


Lastly, a shot of the pattern I wrote up today after posting Nantucket Red.

These are the Blueberry Mitts.

The name was Zoe's idea since we were eating blueberries and they match.
I'll wait a week or so and post these guys too.


Carol said...

Kym's sweater is amazing! It looks great on her.

Deb said...

Yay! It's ready ... off to buy it. And, um, is it ever "too" early for a cocktail? Who made that rule?

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Drink sounds perfect for summer and I love the mitts!

yoel said...

Blueberry is the perfect name for those gloves!

Debi1 said...

I"m so excited the pattern is ready, too bad I'm not :( Still working on Golden Vintage Cardigan, but I'm on the sleeves! (may need to redo front with buttonholes though) My classic elite silk arrived last week. I'll be purchasing pattern soon.

Drink sounds awesome too! Looking for a great drink for our big family vacation in July. We each take turns for DRINK OF THE DAY, so I want something yummy and that can be made in a LARGE quantity!

Thea said...

Deb1 -- I have your drink. Will make a batch soon on a hot day and post the recipe. White wine sangria!

Michelle said...

Just purchased two of your patterns; don't know which to do first! Both are right up my alley and look like pieces I'll wear again and again!

Batty said...

Lovely pattern! And sangria is the right accompaniment to steeking... yes, it's technically summer, but I should cast on some Fair Isle, make sangria, and steek.