Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hi people. Life on the other side of the pond is good.
Castles and towers and vikings and dark bread. Tons of salmon. Cousins are fun, the country is beautiful and the architecture is quaint and colorful. Turns out we are also right on the beach, which would be a bonus if only it was warm and sunny. Instead the water is lovely to look at while wrapped up in a jacket, umbrella nearby. I forgot about Danish summer. It's alot like the Boston June we'd left behind. Except it changes as the day goes on. Every day has a little sun, a little clouds and then a huge downpour. We try to time a cafe visit when the clouds gather.
Weird things:
1. the popularity of capri harem pants. Yeah, you heard that right. Everywhere.
2. a weird beef jello, commonly eaten on bread with other toppings. Not only does it taste like Beef Jello, but just try and balance stuff on that shit. Get ordinary Jello and spread it with a knife. go ahead and see what happens. yep. if only it was worth the effort, but it's not since it tastes like BEEF.
Beer is everywhere - not so much the cocktails or wine. Dark, light, chocolate and otherwise. My new waistline is a testament to the tasty beer. And the amount of excuses to sit and enjoy a tasty beer. The bottles are fun to photograph, so I'll show you later - I'm not downloading pics til I return. The girls have a new fave drink of their own, called Softvan. It's a syrup you add to water here and most kids drink it as a treat. The girls love the berry flavors - and the cafes serve them while the grownups have their beers, so everyone can have a little something to bide the time.
The wet weather is great for gardens and everyone has their own kitchen gardens - strawberries, cherries, currants, pears, snap peas and other things. My cousins also have a chili experiment going. The girls have loved picking them all. What cocktail garnishes I could have made if only we were drinking mixed drinks. But see above. The Danes take their beer seriously, I'm not thinking they want a cherry propped in the top. No limes, no lemons either.
So, anyways.
A hint on travel knitting without a pattern in hand.
Pay attention.

I am almost done with my amazing textured alpaca sleeveless cardigan, and it looks exactly like I'd hoped except for one thing. It's mini sized. Seems I'm only knitting on the move here. And all those trains and planes and automobiles don't give me the space to lay things out on a table and really take a look, huh? (oh how I miss my dining room table!) By now I'd imagine I'm experienced enough to have recognized the problem as I knit, but apparently not. From the hem, up the hips to the sleeves I continued the thing without a clue. It could have been because I'm going from the bottom up in one piece, so the thing is much bigger than a regular sweater back. Either way, it's not meant to be sausage casing, so for now it's gone back in the bag for a good frog and restart back in the states. I may have to resize it anyways, due to the beer problem stated above.
Instead I've turned my attention back to Juno, which is lovely and coming straight from an established pattern in front of my face. But it looks like the sun may be coming out, so away from the computer and down to town we go. I just may have to get a beer in the town square.
Back late next week. Hope you are all well :-)


Holli said...

Wow -- sounds like you are having a superb time. The Beef Jell-O is something to stay away from. can't wait to see all your beer bottle/cans.


Sarah Jackson said...

So fun!!! Have a fabulous time.

Sarah Jackson said...

So fun!!! Have a fabulous time.

Hilary said...

Cool! Thanks for telling us about your trip. I really don't get the whole harem pant thing...

Kym said...

Mmmmm. I'm thinking the Danish beer sounds mighty fine. The beef jello? Not so much!

Enjoy the rest of your trip. Sounds fabulous. :-)

Renee said...

Enjoy! Sounds like a great time.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great time! The beef jello and the capri harem pants sound frighting!

Christopher said...

"Beer is everywhere," sounds good to me. Bring the old grump back some, eh? BTW, Happy birthday to the larger daughter...I can't believe she's 10! I remember her cooing away during a lunch on a restaurant table top when she was a newie like it was yesterday. I hope you're having a great time.

Oh, and Craig sent me an email saying that he really wanted some Capri's for guys he just doesn't know how to ask for 'em so I told him I would do it for him on the down low.

Be good.

Cathryn said...

I've been looking for an update from you as we leave for Copenhagen tomorrow. I'll keep a wary eye out for that beef jello---and the harem capris!

Carol said...

I'm getting the harem pants AND skintight jeans-colored (or coloured) leggings. Really, any leggings will do and they must be worn with a smallish top that just covers the ass (arse). But the shoes are divine.

colleen said...

Hi, I just have to jump on here to say that I saw my first pair of the harem capris yesterday (on a Danish tourist perhaps) and I was like "WTF are you wearing?"