Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Well, a post from home minus the photos, because apparently I left the connecting cord for the camera in Helsingor. oops. It could have been worse, this is easily replaceable.

I have no knitting photos anyways. Seems I planned poorly and when the sweater vest went awry, the Juno -- although very pretty, was just a little.... boring. I know that was the plan, but I guess 5 feet of simple stockinette with a few yarn overs just couldn't keep my interest, so both are going back in the stash as WIPs. Or UFOs or whatever it is I'm supposed to call the things we like to sweep under the rug. I'm way too distracted by all the new pretty things I'm seeing right now anyhow -- and I have a pattern that needs some writing.

But that will wait, because for now I'm just happy to be home.
I loved Denmark, and I loved being with my cousins, but home is amazing.


My kids are outside with the neighborhood kids and I can't even hear them. it's been 24/7 in Denmark. Even with a little guest house, they didn't have their own space, nor did I. And between language, routine and all the rest, they just weren't their usual independent little selves. But today? Woo hoo. I might start drinking early to celebrate (after all, they won't be needing me for much....)

I know how to use the appliances in my kitchen and will not break them or be confused and/or mocked. I think my cousin cringed every time I approached the oven or microwave. She must think me incredibly inept or just plain stupid. Things are just so different! Between the washing machine, the Danish cellphone, the computer keyboard with the keys all moved around, the routines at the grocery store, and the situation with the outlets, I just did everything a little wrong. Amazingly, I could work the TV just fine. Some things cross cultural lines.

We have ice cubes. I didn't expect this one. The Danes just don't seem to think they're a priority. Perhaps it's because it's just not so hot there. You don't get them in your drinks and they aren't in the fridge. I love ice cubes. I never really knew till they weren't there.

I understand every word around me AND can even pronounce them properly. There were a few incidents stemming from the fact that I am a traveler who does try to learn the language. The kids favorite is when I asked someone to pass me the serving spoon for the salad at a big family dinner. Turns out they have two words for fart - and word for the really bad fart sounds a little like spoon. So, yep, I asked them to pass me the nasty fart across the table. ha ha ha ha. I was a big hit then.

Another day I announced proudly to everyone I'd be making them a special dinner tonight - american style BBQ - one of our favorite summer dinners, barbequed kittens. The word for kitten is pretty close to chicken. Again with the ha ha ha ha

But our last night there, we made a big list of all the new words we'd learned - not the ones that are basically the same in both languages - of which there are many, but the new ones. The list is 125 words or phrases long. It only includes a couple insults and swears. We are hugely proud of ourselves.

and lastly,

because I love the water pressure in my shower. And I was able to turn on one of my 500 English language channels and do a workout video this morning (in my family room with lots of room and no audience) so I need one. The workout and the shower.

It is around 90 degrees here. That's NOT one of the reasons I'm happy to be home. But I'll suck it up, since I can add all the ice cubes I want to my coffee after I shower.


Sarah Jackson said...

Welcome back! It sounds like you had a lovely time, despite the lack of ice cubes.

It's hot here too. Really hot. I'm surviving on iced tea and A/C. Ugh.

Holli said...

Welcome home, Thea! I LOVED your tales of almost-there-word uses...and am glad you've returned to the land of ice cubes and proper shower pressure.

There really IS no place like home!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Welcome home! Sounds like a great trip and will be fodder for family stories for years to come :)

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Welcome home! Sounds like a great trip and will be fodder for family stories for years to come :)

yoel said...

Welcome back! A big hee-hee about the nasty fart, but you'll remember those times forever. There's no place like home though...have a few cocktails!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so nice to have you back! I missed your wit, knitting and fun you add to my life.

We truly are a blessed country and it helps to endure "suffering" every now and then TO appreciate what we do have.

I'm looking forward to the photos AND the writing of the new pattern. I have Vintage Cardigan well under way~such a fun and easy knit, and I'm still waiting on the yarn for the Nantucket Red. Ya just can't go wrong with Thea designs!!!!!!!

Enjoy your day, your drink, your peace, your space, and everything else happy!

Carol said...

Yes, I do laugh at what they call their 'power shower'. I'm lucky to get one of those rather than the sit down in the tub and hold the hose ones.

Hilary said...

I feel the same way when I come back from an international trip...loved being in another country, but oh-so thrilled to be back home. Welcome back!

Nell said...

Welcome back! There really is no place like home.

Kym said...

Oh, welcome home! Hope you don't ask anyone to pass you a nasty fart here in the US! ;-)