Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Last week, I noticed a post in the Boston Yarn Party group that Sillcy was looking for a family to spend the day on the Boston Harbor Islands. Seems the non profit (who she works for) for the islands was doing a photo shoot and needed some models on the cheap. And here I was, 3 months into summer with nothing left in my bag of tricks.

As luck would have it, whoring ourselves out was the best decision I made all week. We got ferry service out there, a bunch of kids to hang with, a day of exploring the islands (which are amazing and if you live in Boston, completely worth checking out) and lunch.

I met Sillcy, too (Hi Carrie!) and will track her down soon for knitting and cocktails. For a change, the kids weren't the only ones who made new buddies. :-)

Post shoot, we had an hour to kill before the Sunset Clambake began. How cool was that? Beers, lobsters, and the view of Boston. It did not suck. And the hour with Spectacle Island to ourselves prior to the shindig didn't suck either.

Look, everyone's happy - and the taps weren't even open yet.

But here's the nice lady at the tap, who agreed to pour Carrie and I beers early. Why waste our own private island to enjoy them on just because it wasn't time yet?

Now that's service....


But the gravy train's over and school starts tomorrow.
So back to the knitting and the blogging and the patterns.

Here's the knitting.

It's the second of the textured cardigans, just a few days away from completion.

I'm doing the blogging - for a change, I know.

And here's the first of the patterns:

As promised a while back (and ignored while I went off to the beach), the Green Apple/Blueberry Mitts. Since I made two similar pairs off the same idea, I combined them into one pattern with two versions.

You can see them on Ravelry or download the PDF off the sidebar here on my blog.
Or if you're really lazy, just download here.



Holli said...

Super cool, Thea! I love the Harbor Islands (a lot). My husband I were married on George's Island in 2007 -- a very happy and perfect day.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

What a great day. It made me want to check for a local Ravelry group around where I live.

Love the pattern, thanks for the link ( I am super lazy :)

Hilary said...

Hey, that's pretty cool! Ravelry rocks. And thanks for the free mitt pattern(s)!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blueberry mitts - something to add to the fall list to knit.
PS good to see you had a great summer.

yoel said...

Ooh, thanks for the pattern! And hooray for a successful whoring-out-the-fam session. Looks like you all had a blast!

Carrie said...

Hey Thea! What a great way to meet another knitter and to spend a day on the islands. THANK YOU for your help (and the girls too), I'm sending you a link to some photos shortly.

Can't wait for the knitting get together!

Carrie (aka Sillcy)