Monday, September 21, 2009

Is full of ridiculous stuff like this. He has a Patriots flag in one hand and a Red Sox flag in the other.

He was in front of a farm to welcome you to their amazing Corn Maze.
If you click through, scroll down for the sky view of the thing. It was fun, and they had a secondary maze where you found inkpads and dipped your fingers in each one. According to the final order of colors on your finger, you could get your fortune told.

Apparently, I'm in for a surprise soon. So say my fingers.

I love this kind of crap, and Massachusetts is full of it. Soon we'll be apple picking and maybe hit a few haunted happenings in Oct. as well. The leaves were only starting to change, so I know we have a while to go.

oYou'll notice the knitting is sparse. It did came along and got done in the car, and the photo's down below. I brought Rosamund's cardigan because it's a perfect downtime knit.

It's really repetitive - some easy to memorize cables and lots of stockinette. Looking at the FOs out there on Ravelry, I may change the pattern just a bit to add some ease so it doesn't fly open all the time if I don't hook it shut. I want this to be more of a real cardigan than a funky open thing.

Again with the bad pics - I took so many but couldn't get the right color. The yarn is looking very blue here, but it's really a much deeper purple than you realize.

And honestly, I do owe you all a cocktail. I've been taking a little break from the booze ever since Denmark. A little too much beer and bread and pastries I'm afraid and I couldn't even close my pants when I got back! So, looking at my overall diet, it became obvious the easiest place to cut was the drinking. Alas.

I'm almost there though, and when I finish writing up the second Lucky, I'll deserve something tasty and fall like.

It should be tomorrow.

PS - still looking for a few good testers!


Renee said...

We have a few corn mazes here too. Always fun!

Kym said...

I love fall! Fun activities. . . really blue sky (most of the time). . . great colors. . . crisp air. Love. Fall.

Hilary said...

The pumpkin patch looks like so much fun! And I love how the giant hay guy is so enthusiastic about New England sports. :)