Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I sound like a book from Zoe's kindergarten class, don't I?

Maybe that's just about right for sharing these with you anyways. They're a free pattern I found on Ravelry - the Give a Hoot mittens from Kelbourne Wools. I love them. I used one of the skeins of yarn from my Crazy Pizza Place, so I have no idea what it is or really what the exact weight should be. I'm calling it a light worsted. It's wooly, heavy and won't pill - and I'm loving this bright orange color.

The pattern was way quick and easy, and they have the coolest thumb construction - see the second pic down below. You knit into the fronts and backs of a stitch to increase in a diagonal line across the back of the hand. Genius.

To get them to Zoe Size, I used #5s instead of the recommended needle size, and chose this worsted because it seemed a little thin to me. (Maybe like the new Cascade 220?) If you want to knit these adult sized, be warned - as the pattern will run small for a grownup hand. You can see a few comments on Rav that say the same. Pick a thicker wool.

See the cool thumbs? I love this.

The buttons are just a bunch of pearly off whites from the vintage box. Nothing too different or fabulous, but the size was perfect - they have to fit right between the two cables or your Owls either look a little shocked (too small) or really creepy and pissed off (too big).

And one more FO. Our new front porch. You might notice that the black floorboards under my mittens are looking not so peely as they used to. Turns out the old porch was about to fall off the house kind of frontwards into the yard. Not a good thing. So here's the fully rebuilt and newly painted one, which promises to stay attached for a long time.

Which is good, since I sit on it and knit quite a bit!


Hilary said...

Those mittens are SO adorable...the orange is perfect. And your new porch is beautiful!

Holli said...

The owl mitts are next on my list. Several of my knitting students have made them -- and yes, that thumb construction IS incredible. I love the orange yarn. I'm sure Zoe is gonna dig them big time.

The new and improved porch looks great too. Aren't home improvement projects the BEST?

Renee said...

Orange owls are perfect for fall.

Your finished porch looks really inviting.

Carol said...

Orange Owls are Awesome. Not the same letter but sounds alliterative, doesn't it? Adding this pattern BACK on my queue now.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Those are adorable! I have one knit for my kids and the other is still not done...bad mom. Yours are adorable and make me think I need to dig mine out and finish them up!

Kristen said...

I love the little orange mittens and think the front porch is so pretty.

Jody said...

ORANGE Owls, oh my. There goes my monogamous knitting for October!
Your new porch is a delight!