Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I'll take solace in the fact that this is the kind of clothing item she'll be wearing most her days, even if she does look like a Preteen Saloon Girl Devil on Halloween. Her custom order mitts were finished up yesterday, just in time for her to fawn all over them and insist they must be worn all afternoon.

They were needed in order to do the math homework and hang out with her friend Jamie.

And absolutely necessary for the entire fuzzy caterpillar amusement park building session with Zoe and her buddy Gracie.

Before wearing them off to karate, she gave me the Peace Sign. This was followed up with a drawing of a matching scarf incorporating the peace sign. And a request for the scarf. Made out of a different teal from the stash, which she pulled out. With folded over pockets at the ends, an intarsia peace sign on the pocket, and fringe.

Not at all slutty.


Holli said...

The fingerless gloves really came out well! Your girl has an eye for yarn combinations, doesn't she?

Renee said...

Great mitts!
She sure knows exactly what she wants in a scarf. I get indescript requests like "a purple scraf, you know, my school colours purple Mom...". Maybe I'll knit one per your daughters details, minus the peace sign?

Hilary said...

Oooh, great mitts! Fab colors.

I love it that in all the photos of your girls, they're playing outside, doing something creative, or both. It's nice to know that with all the temptations of computers, video games, tv, etc. not all kids end up spending all their time in front of a screen of some sort (I have a young cousin kinda like that). In thinking about having kids one day, this is definitely a worry of mine!

Kym said...

Your daughter is a strong, independent girl. You can just see the energy, compassion, and creativity in her eyes! My bet --- she won't fall for the Naughty Saloon Girl Devil persona in the long term. Nope -- she's good and grounded in the "real" stuff of life! (I'll warn you, though. Those middle school years are Not Fun --- it's hard to watch our strong girls fight through the "messages" of their peers.)

yoel said...

Thankfully it looks like your daughter will really be playing dress-up in that outfit, not wearing devil horns with the usual outfit and calling it a costume.

I love her idea for a scarf too!

Anonymous said...

Right on!