Friday, October 02, 2009

There's a new store in town around here. We've been waiting for it to open since the late spring when the rumors began to fly. Driving by and checking the progress, and sadly driving off. But, finally, last weekend, it opened. And we are so joyful.

Because this is way more fun than the usual supermarket opening. This place is called H Mart, and it's a ginourmous emporium of anything Asian. In about 30,000 square feet of space. With about 30,000 people inside, who are mostly also Asian. It's pretty much a zoo. I'm hoping it'll die down in a few weeks, but not betting any money that it will.

I did my weekly shopping there this week on kind of a personal dare. (Weekly shopping minus the lunchmeat and cheese, which are pretty absent from the aisles.) It was so much fun, I plan to make it part of my ongoing repetoire. We now have a ton of crazy, unidentifiable stuff to eat in the house - some with English translations, some not so much. I recognized lots of things, guessed on a few, and played Russian Roulette with a few more. The girls were totally surprised at the plastic bags of What The Hell is That that they found in their lunchboxes for snack. Individually wrapped bags with pictures and crazy letters on them. Completely unidentifiable. (Turned out they were dried shrimp snacks - who knew?)

Mostly it's made for some tasty dinners, some way cool new produce selections AND....

one scary drink. (it IS October!)
Trust me, this stuff is good.

But yeah, it's a little weird. If you look closely.

Maybe more than a little weird.

It's Basil Seed Drink.

Yep, those little things that look like tadpoles are basil seeds. Crazy, huh? They are kind of like sweet little not so salty caviars floating in your cocktail. (The girls put a few on their faces and they look like particularly nasty zits. That was unnerving.)

Anyways, I ignored them and made Basil Seed - Lime Martinis yesterday. And really, they were pretty amazingly great. Both my husband and a friend -who used to bartend, so she's a reliable taster, right? - agreed. After they got over the weird factor.

So if you live near a good Asian market and/or like to check out crazy new stuff, here's the recipe to make your own. This makes two.

In a jigger, mix

3 oz vodka
2 oz vermouth
juice of one lime
6 oz of the crazy basil stuff
4-5 ice cubes

Shake it up, pour it out and drink it down. Don't look if it creeps you out.

In knitting news, this red scarf is getting sent off to Norma's Red Scarf Fund Drive. She's having a big ol' raffle with some groovy prizes. You can either donate money or knit up a scarf and send it off. This scarf will be mailed off with a few other items that might just make a needy student's life that much more comfy. (Not the onions, since they'll be part of Korean Short Ribs tomorrow...)

I love the big red woofy wool with the ribbon in it.

It's a Rowan yarn I bought a few years back - and it knit up on giant needles! So now I can get right back to Maya's Mitts and the patterns on my list. Seems my date for Rhinebeck might be dropping out, so I also need to find a new travel buddy. Hmmm.


Renee said...

lol... I can just picture your daughters' faces when they opened up their lunches.

shanalines said...

is that place crazy like Super 88-- have you been there?

Thea said...

Shanalines -- yes, it was crazy. Double parked cars in the lot, a cop directing traffic. Long lines at the cashier. All on a weekday morning!

But the difference is that it's way bigger and since it's brand new, SPANKING CLEAN. You know that funky smell the Super 88 has? Not here.

Check it out - it's close by for you!

Kym said...

Perfect drink for Halloween parties! What a fun shopping experience!

Hilary said...

Basil seed drink?? Weeeird! But I totally have to try it. Time to make a visit to Clement Street...

Patty said...

Oy it's a Monday, can you deliver?