Thursday, December 03, 2009

I raked. Remember how we hired two neighborhood kids to do the leaves so Craig and I could make cocktails the other day? Yeah, well. All the best efforts of two ten year olds don't hold a candle to my yard of ginormous trees.

The final tally? 30 bags kids, 30 more me.

So far, followed by about half a bottle of white wine.

Tomorrow, I'm getting my hair cut and going to knit, so maybe I'll have something more interesting to share.

I like her hair. I might bring pics.

And yes, Sarah Hope -- I owe you some button photos. I thought you'd be buttoned out!


Anonymous said...

I will NEVER button out. Word.

jane said...

That's a lot of leaves. A LOT. You deserve more wine.
Her hair is great! That's a great new use for Ravelry too, hairstyle inspiration :)

Elizabeth said...

oooh! I love her hair too. Good luck at the salon. I always find I need to call my best friend either immediately before or after a trip to get my hair cut. (oh, let's be honest - both.) It's traumatic. Even when it turns out okay. Hope you like your cut!

Patty said...

Love the haircut...we'll be waiting for pics.

Hilary said... long does it take to rake up 30 bags of leaves?! You deserve more than a half a bottle of wine!

I love that haircut, too. Wish I could get my bangs to look like that. Have fun at the hairdressers, and I want to see the "after" photos, too!

Renee said...

She's got great hair, I want that cut too!

Kym said...

That's a lot (A LOT) of biomass there, Thea!

Lyndsey said...

60 bags of leaves! Crazy! it would have been a huge leaf pile though!