Thursday, December 17, 2009

This is the time of year when real life just takes over. Dinners out, guests in. Family to visit and traditions to continue for another year. Deadlines at school, volunteer obligations, a crapton of shopping - followed by a crapton of wrapping - followed by "Shit, we ran out of tape since Zoe used it to dress all her Barbies in construction paper dresses again." And a trip to the 5 and 10 for tape. Again. Hopefully there's a little time left over for the usual bits, like chores and cooking and a shower. I don't know about you guys, but my knitting life is the luxury I have when my real life is all neatly tied up in a bow. And right now, it's not.

Yep, so now is when my mojo chooses to return, right?

I'm carving out a half hour to blog by leaving the groceries in the car (it's cold enough out -- the brisket will be FINE) and deciding I can eat an apple while I walk back to the school and call it lunch. Peeing should also happen, but I'm gambling here since I am so eager to share (and to sit here and ignore the List for a sec).


Right now my hands want nothing more than to be wrapped around that soft taupe aran merino in the photo above and they are sooooo hugely pissed to be typing, with a future in grocery unpacking - and baking - and a social studies bird project due tomorrow -- for the remainder of the day that I think they just might smack me.

See, that little pile of taupe above is awesome. Soft and spongy and amazing. And the drawing they're sitting on is a cardigan type thing I cannot wait to be wearing. It's my next design obsession -- and yes, it could suck once it's knit, but for now it's just full of promise and nice cabley surprises. And it should totally go with my favorite boots :-)

So, after a few months of throwing figurative pizza slices at the ceiling and waiting for something to stick, this feels great. Since the Luckies and the White Russian, I've had a messy ceiling dripping with imaginary yarn cheese. Stops and starts. Drawings, swatches and frog piles. Yarn I don't even like anymore since it didn't do as expected.

Until now -- yes, now. Right fucking now. This week. And here I sit typing and looking at the clock and debating if I can get upstairs, pick that puppy up and get a few rows done in the 5 mins left. Or maybe pee. I should totally pee.

Instead, maybe I'll dig in Grandma's books and leave you for a drink for the weekend.


How about Kahlua mexican coffee?

All the caffeine you need to get your list of to dos in order, so you can knit later.

1 oz Kahlua
1/2 oz tequila
fill remainder of mug with hot coffee and top with whip cream.


And it matches my aran yarn. Taupe. Kahlua. kind of.
OK, I should really go pee now.
(excuse any typos -- I didn't have time....)


Holli said...

I can totally relate to being crazily busy -- this time of year is something else. Lots of fun, but man -- lots of longing for a quiet moment at home too.

Kym said...

That sketch is looking mighty interesting. . . Gosh, December is rough.

Carol said...

Real life is biting hard here too. Can't wait to see how this develops for you!

Renee said...

Life has bit me in the butt hard right now too. So, did you go pee yet?!

Chris said...

I always greet December with excitement mixed with dread. Your sketch looks very intriguing! I hope you manage to carve out time to devote to this/yourself soon.

Hilary said...

Of COURSE the biggest urges to knit come when there are a bazillion other things to do! I love your explanation of how you carved out enough time to blog. :) You tell the best story!

Kahlua Mexican Coffee sounds yummmmmy. Do you think they'd notice if I drank it at work?

Kathleen said...

Intriguing sketch and buttons - can't wait to see more We did Christmas with the kids last night since we won't be all together on Christmas proper. Crazy wrapping yesterday, but at least some of it is over. More product knitting for family presents - can't wait to get back to my own stuff.