Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Remember how we've just moved Grandma into her new pad? I have a big envelope of photos, which I've begun to go through. And I'm realizing a few of the pics are begging to be shared here.

Proof my path was decided long ago.

So, Maya's J.Crew knockoff scarf above. And photos I found below.

I remember loving that poncho set. With it's multi pointed beret.

My sister got this lovely cardigan in red, with the blue scarf tied around her hood. We had a lot of reverse color coordinated sets like this.

There's lots and lots more in the ongoing series of knit pics, but I'll spare you.

Since I was also entirely amused to see the shots below.

My parents not only took them, and saved them, but apparently gave them to Grandma. There are a few more in this series as well, but again I edited to spare you.

(I totally remember these wine bottles with the straw on them -- My dad would melt the candles with all the different colored drips and save them. He also had a collection of the liquor containers shaped like things -- bullfighters, cars, windmills, etc. Anyone else remember those? We played with them sometimes till we broke the propeller off the Spirit of St Louis airplane. And the Metaxa bull lost a horn. Big trouble.)

Anyhoo, looks like both the knitting and the cocktails were encouraged early.
Am hoping my parents are so proud with my accomplishments to date.

And in the spirit of the new year, I'll start you off with both.

The J. Crew scarf is written up and will be posted for free as soon as I finish it. It's such a simple pattern, I'm not thinking much test knitting will be necessary.

As for the photo above, we're having a few friends over tomorrow night and this is the cocktail I'll be making early in the evening. It's called a Northern Light, and it's super tasty.

1 oz pear nectar
1 tsp creme de cassis (or cassis liqueur)
1/2 cup chilled champagne

Combine in shaker with ice. Stir till shaker is frosty on outside. Strain and serve.


Wishing you all many lovely knits and tasty drinks in 2010!


Sarah Jackson said...

okay, you didn't mention the best part of those photos, which is the PANTS! OMG. Those pants. The poncho is adorable, but the pants bring it home.

Happy almost New Year, my friend.

Kristen said...

Very nice poncho/pant set! I should unearth photos of me in a similar get-up in blues and purple. Except I was an adult. Much worse!

Happy New Year

Kym said...

Oh, yes. Sarah nailed that one. Poncho? What poncho? I'm just seeing those pants. . .

Laurie said...

So funny. I don't have any pix of my handknits from Mom and Auntie, alas. Those are wonderful.

Jotting down the Northern Light recipe...could be called Shortest Day too. Hee!

Kathleen said...

Of course your parents are proud!

That cocktail sounds good, though we may just go with "plain" champagne or champagne cocktails. Happy almost New Year!

Turtle said...

great lil knit pics!!

mmmmm, that may have to be our new years eve drink!

Batty said...

Cocktails and knitting... of course your parents are proud of you!

I'd love to do another knit thing at Orleans. Just say when.

Happy New Year! Thank you for a champagne drink that sounds appetizing (I dislike mimosas because the oj is too tart...).

Hilary said...

AWESOME. Both the poncho and the baby drinking photos!

Carol said...

I agree with Sarah, the trousers are just too fab. Are there FRUIT on them?? I think we all had the knitted poncho (mine with crochet!). Must see if I can find a photo over here too.

grannyannie said...

Happy new year, Thea. I love the photo of you in your little poncho and tam, lovingly made by Grandma Edie. Alene showed me hers when I visited them in CA several years ago. What a treasure!

Holli said...

OMG - I'm LOVING the old photos: knitting and cocktails were DEFINITELY in store for you.

I whipped up a new cocktail over the weekend and thought of you. It's the Whiskey Smash (a la Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square). Delicious!