Monday, January 25, 2010


I'd been threatening for ages to get on that Bolt Bus and go, and finally I did it. Took off early on Friday AM and returned late last night. So easy.

I fit all kinds of stuff into my 2.5 days, starting out Friday down in Brooklyn and ending up on the Upper West Side by Sunday, visiting old and new friends, seeing some family, surprising my mom for her birthday, and hitting a few restaurants, bars and yarn shops.

I'd never even been in Brooklyn before (which is crazy for a girl who lived in NJ and spent a good half her weekends in the city..) but I loved it. I kept imagining Hopper paintings everywhere I looked. We walked around a bit, from one shop to another - and Brooklyn General might be my favorite yarn store EVER. Something about those wooden shelves and the creaky floor, maybe? It just has this atmosphere. And yes, tons of yarn.

We stopped in at La Casita, Purl, and Downtown Yarns too - also great shops. Cute and friendly, with gorgeous displays. Above are the spoils. It's all hat fixins. That Cascade 128 Superwash is some soft, bulky goodness.

Anyways, I have much to do. My husband can watch the kids and manage a good deal of chaos, but he doesn't do the other stuff, so piles of laundry and etc. await.


PS. Must do the math later and tell you guys where I am, but the pattern sales have continued steadily, and I came home to many more purchase comfirmations. A nice check to Haiti will be coming soon.


Hilary said...

Sounds like a great getaway...and you came back with some great swag! I'm bummed now that I didn't make it out to Brooklyn General when I was in NYC last fall. Next time...

Laurie said...

That's pretty restrained for all those stores. I have never been to Brooklyn.

LOVE creaky floors in stores. The small town where I grew up had them in the butcher shop...the five and dime....