Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hi All,

As many of you already know, I added Short Lucky to the list of patterns for Haiti, and in just a few days I've been amazed at the response! A $100 check has already been added to our family's original donation, thanks to you guys.

I had originally put Short Lucky up because it's the new pattern in my world, and as these things go around here, the other patterns have been taking a big backseat to their baby sibling.

However, I see some KAL groups are talking about Nantucket Red and Golden Vintage for this spring, so they're all going up. (The only one that won't go to Haiti is Alene's Wrap, since 100% of that has always gone to FINCA.)

60%, $3 per pattern goes to make a difference. Keep it up!


Katinka said...

Any idea of an ETA for White Russian? I've got some red Ultra Alpaca that's getting antsy. :)

Kudos to you for donating!

Thea said...


I'm just waiting on my last test knitter, who's the nitpickiest of the bunch, so I totally trust her and I'd hate to publish without her full feedback. She promised to get back to me soon. I'd say a week or so at the MOST, since I'll resort to other measures soon!