Monday, March 29, 2010

If last week I was jumping in, than this week I'm definitely swimming around.

Especially in pink.

Here you see the pink cardigan - on which I have just passed the waist shaping (this photo is from earlier in the weekend!). I've been making a few revisions as I knit -- much to the joy of my test knitters, who may have been a little over-emailed earlier in the week. Sorry guys :-) I now officially realize that I knit things twice before writing, and that the second time is when I have all my Hmmm moments and shift things around. This would be my second knitting.

In addition, this cardigan's going to be longer sleeved and longer bodied, so I'm obviously re-evaluating the look and fit as I go through. Lucky for everyone, I'm hoping to be done soon - and then they can knit on in peace. The last piece I may revise is the border along the bottom, instead of the folded hem. I'm not sure I want the bulk down by your hips. It's a nice shape for the cropped length, but... Instead, I have a different idea, but it could turn out to be somewhat of a pain in the ass. Must see if it's worth it.

In addition to the pink yarn, those Cherry Vanilla drinks have been a big hit. We had guests both Friday and Saturday night this weekend, so I had lots of guinea pigs who agreed. Craig is not sold on the cherry vanilla thing and is asking for one with orange soda so he can have a creamsicle.

This of course, makes me wonder what I need to knit in orange. And I did buy amazing deep orange laceweight at SPA which might make a cool summery tanky thing. I'd double it, so I can knit it on 4s or 5s or 6s. I have no patience for the bitty needles.

My other current project is green (You might remember yarn photos from a few posts back), and its just about done and I'm dying to show it to you, but there's a teeny teeny chance that I'm not allowed to so I'm waiting for an email before I post about it. Plus, I still have to get a green drink going, don't I? I think that may go down the margarita path. Stay tuned.


The other thing I'm swimming in is my BabyCocktails group. Now this is fun.

I tried very hard to stay away from the computer for those two days, but over 100 of you joined, which was amazing to see. Really hugely amazing. I thank Meeko for taking time away from her cake decorating to help me get it going and Tamaram for making my awesome banner and badge, which I love, love, love.

So I guess I'll shelve the whole basketweaving thing for a while and keep up with the yarn.


Hilary said...

Of COURSE tons of people would join!! See, you had nothing to worry about. From what I can see, I am absolutely loving your new sweater in the pink. So pretty. And good luck on that potentially secret project! I'm waiting to hear back from somewhere, too...

Chris said...

I'm so looking forward to seeing this longer version. I'm loving that pink, too. Your group is great!

Carol said...

You'll be Pretty in Pink! Only fools wouldn't join your group...

Batty said...

I really like the pink you picked. And as a fan of longer cardigans (got to keep those kidneys warm), I'm excited. Long is cooooomfy.

Turtle said...

nice pink! (and usually i am not to much of a pink girl) mmmm, black cherry!
something lightweight orange would be great for summer.