Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Here's a resume filler I didn't count on.

I can coordinate cocktails to match my yarn choice! Sort of like the guy at Home Depot that can give you the right can of paint from some piece of fruit or Barbie clothing you bring in - I apparently can mix a drink to match the yarn on a given project. Who knew?

I'm not so sure this will help me land a corporate job when I go back to work someday, but it sure can make the afternoons fly by in the meantime.


I had checked my deck of drink cards for blue options, but nothing was right.
Two of these three options are way too gross to drink anyways. That shark thing has tequila, vodka and curacao (scary) and the columbus thingy is just weird. The champagne punch recipe doesn't suck, so it might get some airtime in the future - but Craig says it's a headache in a bowl, and I'm afraid he's right. See that long ingredient list? Champagne, white wine AND the curacao, plus all kinds of other stuff - I could chuck Tylenol in there too and head it off at the pass, maybe.

Or, I could drink my color coordinated concoction instead. I'm sure it was much better. And although the color was a little weird for a food item, it was very tasty. Given the gorgeous 85 degree day out there on the deck, it was gone in a flash.

Plucky Curacao Cowl Drink

2 oz curacao
1 oz triple sec
quick splash of OJ
club soda and ice cubes
slice of lemon


As for the Plucky cowl that inspired the drink and my subsequent self-discovery, I should have it done in a day or so and will be ready to post all about it next week.

It won't be ribbed when you see it finished!


Amy said...

Wow, look at all the progress you've made! Speedy lady.

Carol said...

Purdy colors!! Totally wish I had a decent drinks cabinet. I was looking for the Pimms yesterday and couldn't find it! Sunday afternoon knitting in the future perhaps?

Holli said...

This is amazing! Love your wicked color coordination skillz. And I just tried Curacao for the first time a few weeks ago -- might just have to give this drink of yours a shot.

Kathleen said...

OK, I'm curious about where the ribbing goes on the cowl - are you going to drop down all those ribs like on Clapotis?

Yay, blue drinks in the sunshine!

Hilary said...

Hey, that is quite a talent! It matches perfectly. Where is the ribbing going?? I'm intrigued...

elizabeth said...

That's quite a talent! The drink sounds good, there's not much I can think of to mix with curacao!

Sarah said...

Love it! Both the cowl and the drink!

Turtle said...

luuuurrrvvvveee them both! bright spring colors!

Kym said...

Looks. . . refreshing!

Bells said...

knitting and blue drinks - you are my kind of gal!

Laurie said...

Very funny! Love the idea of throwing the Tylenol in the drink.