Friday, July 09, 2010

And yes, it matches the sweater again. I'm that talented.

It even matches the table. (maybe not exactly, but green - green. You get it.)

It's called a Cu-Collins, which is a totally stupid name, but the other night at around 11pm, Craig and I were beyond tired and flipping around the food channel (because we've been married 15 years and yep, we'll do that instead of going upstairs, as it doesn't require moving).

Anyways, we found a cocktail show we'd never seen before. We tuned in, and this guy was visiting a bar in NY that specializes in gin, and he made one of these guys. It looked so good on TV that we found we could ignore the corny name. And when C was actually (for like the first time in a jillion years) able to TAKE the half day he had promised to him, he walked in, looked at me, and and found the gin.

Stay with me, as it's totally worth it.

Cu collins

3-4 cucumber slices
handful of aromatic herbs (parsley, basil, dill, cilantro - we used parsley and a bit of dill)
I also added a bit of lemon zest

Muddle the cucumber, zest and herbs a bit at the bottom of a glass.

2 oz fresh lemon juice
2 oz simple syrup
1.5 oz gin
ice cubes

Put all the above in a jigger and shake.

Pour into a tall glass and add soda water. Seriously refreshing. And kind of different.

(PS - we made my sister's with dark rum. Also very good!)

Below is the green sweater it matches. Finally ready to be seamed and collared. Today the girls said, "Can we NOT go anywhere?" and I said yes. They went upstairs for hours, and I sat at the dining room table finishing up another pattern and working on the sleeves for this guy. Done.

Which was perfect.

Because my good friend Lisa invited me to swim and then run with her at 5am this morning. We drove over to Walden Pond and I managed not to die or embarrass myself too badly - I even kept up with the sporty chicks. But there was the fact that I have no sport-appropriate bathing suit and figured my sports bra would do as a top. Just so you know, a sports bra doesn't perform so well in water - it kind of stretches out a bit. More than a bit, really. Lucky for me, none of the other swimmers there could see past their little goggles and I was able to dry it off and wear a tee shirt for the run portion of the workout.

And right about now (which would be 4pm), I'm happy to be in the house, where the AC unit is on and the sofa is nearby and this magazine still has a few pages left to flip.

Aaaaah. Right? Happy 9th.


Kym said...

We just tried cucumber drinks last weekend (ours were blender-ed, though). Yum! Cool, refreshing, and tasty. :-)

You're going to have to get yourself a lap suit, Thea, now that you're a swimmer!

Hilary said...

I am sending this recipe to my husband immediately! I want one NOW.

Sounds like you're having a great Friday!

Ruth said...

Sounds delicious ... but how, exactly, does one muddle a cucumber?

Thea said...

Ruth --

same way you'd muddle the herbs themselves. Just smush them down a little bit. A spoon or a muddler works the same.

janna said...

Would it work with vodka? Gin gives me a headache, unfortunately.

Dani said...

Oooh, that cabled number looks gorgeous! Tweed and cables, the perfect combo

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love the drink!! Hilarious with the sports bra and your afternoon looked divine.

Turtle said...

A cocktail show, how very cool! I adore Gin!! And these hot temps sound perfect for it, think it will be tomorrows saturday drinkie! (thanks for the recipe)
I know just the area you live now, Used to visit Walden a few times a year. That color green is fantastic and i love the cableing, lol, need any 36 testers? *grin* (sorry, looking for a new project for the 20 plus hours in the car next week to take daughter to orientation) Enjoy your weekend!

Patty said...

Love, love, love the look of that green sweater. Can't wait to see it and buy it! Looking to try out the gin recipe as well.