Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Remember those purple skeins I had of the MCN Lite? I couldn't ignore them, so I started knitting with a vague idea in my head a couple of weeks ago. I had this in mind, from J Crew - I just loved the big folded back collar.

Completely not on the list of to-dos, this guy kind of took over, and everything else got shoved to the backseat. But the bright side of the obsessive knitting impulse is that I had a new sweater to wear on the first sweater day of the fall yesterday.

Since Maya came home from school early with some vague malady, and the plans for the day were scratched, I put her to work as a temporary photographer. Never mind the argument about how many fuzzy photos you're going to take before you realize you should change the setting. It all worked out in the end. I think I'm biting my lip here just so I don't say something that'll send the rest of the morning to hell. And the lighting? Dark above, light below. She'll tell you it was intentional. (She'll also insist that this is absolutely, perfectly focused) To be honest, I kind of like the weird quality to this shot, intentional or not. And you can see the collar just fine.

so yeah, maybe she was right? ahem

Mmmmm. Fall sweater.

I've promised myself I am not going to start designing all in one yarn all the time, so rest assured, there is a tweed coming up next, and the alpaca cardigan, and also another tweed sort of sweater coat in the works, but yes, this will get written up and yes, there are also the other Plucky patterns in the queue.

In the meantime, I need to think about purple drinks that aren't too sweet.


And, so I don't leave you hanging - when I went to the thrift store the other day, I didn't find a single vintage glass but I DID find something ultimately much more entertaining.

Whenever they want something from now on, they have to wear them. Zoe's fine with it, Maya is way less enthusiastic.

Totally worth $1.59 each, don't you think?


At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love the shirts....and the 'rules' :)

Kym said...

Oh, yeah. Love the shirts. And. . . when did Maya start looking so grown up and teen-like?

Carol said...

Hurrah! You published the photo! Love it. The photos are good but definitely don't show the true color of the yarn. However, the collar is awesome.

Turtle said...

lol at the shirts, so cute! liking the impulse creation!

Leonie said...

Those t-shirts should be compulsory for all kids!

I really love your designs and the speed with which they appear to turn up. You are an inspiration.

Bells said...

oh yes totally! Ha! Love them!

Renee said...

Great t-shirts!!
Love the Plucky knit. The collar especially.

Hilary said...

"Mmmm...fall sweater" is right!! That is awesome and I wants it! Man...I have got to get on this fall thing. It'll be here soon, too.

Love the girls' new shirts! Hilarious!