Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yesterday was that kind of day.

I won't go into ALL the ridiculous events, that in truth aren't even terrible things, but I'll summarize with the facts: my Ipod hates me, this drink sucked, I shouldn't make last minute (oh it's so teeny it won't matter) revisions to patterns that have already been tech edited just before I publish them, I have a big old zit that won't go away, and jeeezus, do I need to get back into my running habits. I'm going to ignore the spray of water coming out of the showerhead hose for now, and yes, we need more googly eyes for the Halloween party tomorrow but I don't seem to be getting in the car, do I?


That drink, by the way? - don't mix rum, tonic and a splash of apple cider. It's not the (droids) fabulous fall libation you're looking for. My bartender friend is coming over tonight for Chinese takeout so we'll give it a better go after dinner.

Now that I've listed my various peeves, I'll try to redeem myself and keep you reading with something a little more pretty, yes? That light blue number is my SHELTER. And it's still soft and lofty and fun to play with. I'm about halfway done with my creation here, and have yet to decide how it's going to end. These cables are kinda fun, and it's flying by.

The green guy in the side is actually me giving in on another project. A day like yesterday was what I needed to realize that maybe, just maybe I WAS WRONG. The idea I kept trying to make work, you know, after 2 weeks and about 13 swatches, probably just wasn't gonna.

So, a new direction - this is actually a cable I've loved for a while - and one of the ones I almost used on Dark and Stormy - Sarah might even recognize it from the original swatches and drawings we talked about. It was a little too flowy for that, but I'm thinking it's going to be just perfect for this. I stumbled back across it yesterday while flipping through books and being peeved about everything else. How fortunate, right? Peeved pays off!

So, here's hoping for later today - with a new drink, a new cable, a new PDF sent out on Collins.

Maybe I'll run and maybe I'll get in the car for those googly eyes. There's a slim chance I'll figure out why my ipod will only sync 7 of the songs in my library before I go nuts listening to them over and over, and there's an even slimmer chance the zit will go away. (but I'm be a witch on Sunday, so maybe that's a good thing?)

If you're wondering about the shower, I'm still going with ignore.


Holli said...

Sorry about the annoyances, Thea. I'm with ya -- having completely lost my voice to a serious cold but still needing to be present at work. Bummer!

Here's a fall cocktail you might like:
4 oz sparkling apple cider
2 oz bourbon
splash fresh squeezed lemon juice
thin slice of red apple


Estella said...

Got your revised PDF for Collins - fortunately I haven't cast on yet but am looking forward to it.

I totally agree with Holli on the fall drink - I LOVE cider and bourbon. Now I'll try her lemon juice addition.

Seanna Lea said...

I don't like the flavor of tonic water, so I was wondering if it would taste better with seltzer water.

Renee said...

hate those sorts of days...

hope your day gets better!

yoel said...

Better luck on the drink--the combo of tonic and rum always makes my stomach churn, due to some bad decisions during my young wild days. The SHELTER is lovely, so many wonderful subtle shades of gray! So jealous...

Hilary said...

Dude, you come up with the best cable patterns! Though I *hate* when it takes 13 swatches to get there. :( I hope your day got better and the annoyances have subsided. It's Friday, so that's got to help!


janna said...

Earlier this week, I was checking the website of a restaurant I was eating at Wednesday evening. Their featured cocktail had cider, vodka infused with apple and ginger, and something else I've forgotten. But when I got there for dinner, they were out of the vodka (which I think they infused themselves). I was so disappointed! However, I see that Skyy makes a ginger vodka, so I think I may try to recreate it this weekend.

Carol said...

Hope everything got better for you. Love the cabled swatch!