Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sorry to drop off the end of the earth here, but life has been crazypants busy (stealing a phrase from a good friend there), and the knitting has been going on only in the background, once I sit still again. The snow has definitely outstayed its welcome and managed to cause more than bit of inconvenience around here. It's everywhere, and even the kids are over it.

Between storms, I had my 43rd birthday. It began with an hour of shoveling, only to realize I was late to meet Caro for a photoshoot for the Vermouth scarf, which will post next week. (See the pic above!) I finally realized we were, in fact, NOT, going to be shooting at my house and that I was late. I hopped in the car without shoveling off the ginormous Snow Hat on top. Bad Move.

Said Snow Hat slid off at a stoplight and I hit the van in front of me. Dammit, dammit, dammit. People, this is important advice: ALWAYS take the snow hat off your car top!! I heard the noise, looked up, saw it shift, hit the van while looking up, and then, the whole hat was down over the windshield!! I was then, yep, even later to Caro's, since I had to swap insurance information and apologize profusely.

The actual shoot was lovely, as was a little time spent with Amy and Caro. After that, I spent a few fruitless hours searching Greater Massachusetts for snowmelt. Epic fail, and big waste of birthday hours.

Then home for a few hours shoveling snow off the roof of the house (more wasted birthday hours that should have been full of pampering), pickup at school, followed by homework, a slice of pizza, and a school choral concert where Maya had a lovely solo. They put the middle school and high school kids together for this show, which is fun for the kids, and a little more interesting for the grownups too, as we see what our little pre teens will look like in a few years.

Maya was absolutely mortified post-concert when I waited for her in the crowded lobby and we were leaving. While weaving (get it?) our way out through the throng of people, coats, boots and general ick on the floor.... she realized that my skein of WHITE yarn had fallen out of my bag and was trailing somewhere in the crowd. Dammit. Dammit, again. It's a new design, people, and I was NOT going to leave it there, so yep, I had to salmon my way back through the packed lobby, unwinding the string from everyone's legs as I went. It was like one of those laser light traps you see in movie bank vaults, all between knees and shins and ankles.

"Scuse me, sorry..... Um, that's my yarn around your foot... Oh hi, my knitting is around your ankle.... Yes, down there, pardon me. Yes, my yarn? It's around your ankle? Thanks.. " and so on and so on while I trailed my way, bent over and gathering yarn back thru the crowd. In public. At the High School. In front of the 6th and 7th and 8th graders. (OMG!!)

The last bit was around the foot of some popular girl in Maya's grade who she barely knows. Of course it was. She tried to melt into the wall behind me, but since she had the other end of the sweater in her hand, it was useless. I'm afraid I've scarred her for life and she'll never let me bring a project to school again. But you guys understand, right??

Anyways, she's about to forgive me. We're going to the Mall for new Uggs, since we had a report card deal and she held up her end. I'm done shoveling for the day - about to shower and get my credit card. There's maybe a beer in it for me at Legal Seafood if I'm good.

Tune back in next week - the scarf pattern will be free, and my SHELTER tunic, now named Irish Coffee, is also going to post in a few days!

For drinks? It's been beer this week. Less time spent on the prep. Nice and cold after shoveling.


At Home Mommy Knits said...

Happy belated birthday!! The yarn story....hilarious :)

Anonymous said...

Around here we can get ticketed if we don't take the snow hat off our cars - the fines can be quite high. Sounds like a hectic Birthday, hope your getting to celebrate this weekend. So tired of the snow and they are talking more at the end of this week.

Zonda said... not the way to spend part of your birthday! Hope the yarn wasn't in too bad of shape. It is our job to embarass them, think of all the times they did it to us ;)

Iris said...

Thanks for the belly laugh!

Uggs, huh. Are you sure you want to make that scarf pattern free?

Happy belated birthday!

Jewleigh said...

Happy belated birthday! I hope your white yarn didn't get too filthy from its spill :-/

I've been lurking around for a couple months now and I just wanted to say I love your patterns :o)

janna said...

Well -- happy birthday, anyway! I have had the snow hat slide down the windshield, too, and all down the back of the car on the car behind me. It's never caused an accident, but I can say that, in general, people are not happy when YOUR snow hat ends up on THEIR car.

I finished my Sidecar Mittens tonight. No pictures yet - they're drying - but they're very cute!

yoel said...

Yikes, what a mess! I hope things have settled down, and that you did do something nice for yourself for your birthday!

My arm/snow broom is not long enough to take the snow hat off the car, so my car wears a snow mohawk during the wintertime. You've inspired me to get a longer broom, or arms.

QuiltedSimple said...

OMG! What a riot, and on your birthday too. Glad no one was serioulsy hurt in the accident, and that scarf is soooo lovely! I have to laugh about the yarn - I did something similar just last week, only it involved driving down the snow covered drive while the balll of yarn attached to a sweater was outside the car. Too funny. Have fun at the mall and enjoy your beer! Happy birthday again!

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable post!

Lisa said...

Oh geez - poor Maya :)! I constantly get "Mom, you're embarassing me!!" - and that can even be when it's just the two of us and the dog!!

Make sure you waterproof the Ugg's - frequently. I broke down and bought the real thing for my 11 year old this year and she has pretty much destroyed them. They get totally soaked through - even with the waterproofing. Maybe this has just been a really bad year...

Love your new design - Irish Coffee. I had a great one down in Newport last week - a Nutty Irishman (maybe Frangelico??).

Seanna Lea said...

Wow. Your birthday sounds like it could have been a do over. I hope the days surrounding have been a bit better!

Kristen said...

Your story is so funny, but then you are always funny. Happy birthday!

Hilary said...

Happy belated birthday!! Sorry for all the inconveniences...doesn't the universe know things are supposed to be easy and fun on your birthday? I have to say, though, the yarn story made me crack up!

Anonymous said...

omg I was just found your blog and was perusing old entries and came across this one. My 14yr was laughing as I read this and said that better not happen to you;) I usually have socks that I knit at concerts and sit on the balcony where's there more room and I can blend in. At the last concert another Mom came up to me and said OMG you where knitting the whole time...what a great idea I need to remember to bring mine next time;)I am always afraid though it's going to fall out of my purse as we where walking down stairs and through crowds now I really am going to have to double check and be careful.