Sunday, April 10, 2011

This one is #2 in the Moody Broody Series! After Dark and Stormy, Sarah and I decided to work on a moody gray for spring. Something that would bring to mind a beach - on one of those not-yet-there days before the weather is warm enough to swim, when the blue of the sky and the waves hasn't reached the deep hue of summer yet. A little bit of cloudy sky and whitecap waves without the bright sun.

Is she good or what? Perfect pre-beach gray.

So, I went off with my yarn to design something to wear ON the imaginary beach on a pre-season day. I was thinking picnic and folding chairs and maybe a book and some Kadima. Maybe a few blankets - and most definitely a lunch with beers, sandwiches and chips.

And when we bring beers to the beach, we go with cans.

Hence the Narragansett. It's perfect beach beer.

But you probably want to know about the sweater?
It's worked top down, with a nice wide boatneck. It has slim 3/4 length sleeves and a fitted shape through the body that gives it a bit of a vintage vibe when paired with the neckline. Classic and easy. I wanted this to be something simple enough to throw on for a frisbee game, but with enough detail that it could get dressed up a little - and be fun to knit!

The deep twisted rib on the edges really complements the subtle shading in the yarn, and the slipped stitch cable works beautifully popping out from the ribs. I have the cable continuing down the arm, a little hidden - but still visible - once the raglan increases end. It's a fun detail, and keeps the sleeves from getting too boring, right?

Eyelets provide the yoke shaping, and a little bonus ventilation, in case the sun comes out.

Down on the hip, I added another little run of the cable, which brings a bit of attention to an hourglass shape, since it appears just as the hip slopes back out. I also love the way this works with the bottom ribbing.

As with all my patterns, there are directions to modify this to suit your figure. It's easy to knit for any length you want, and any shaping requirements you have. It's written for a nice fit across the bust without any extra ease and then it's meant to slope in subtly for the waist, without hugging anything. Since you need movement to catch that frisbee, yes?

When knit in a yarn like this Merino Lite, with a little memory, the fit allows for a nice comfy sweater. I recommend a merino or merino mix (ahem, Plucky Merino Lite, Primo Worsted or MCN Lite are perfect). The mix really suits the fit and has the right stretch for the ribbing and neckline to expand and lie nicely. I, of course, love the look of the Plucky too, and think the subtle variation of handdyed yarn is perfect in this pattern.

If you do choose a cotton, find one with a fiber mix for some stretch. 100% cotton or linen won't perform as well in keeping the neckline shape, and the pullover can get too slouchy. (Although some testers used a crochet edge with their cotton and found that worked). I'd also stay away from a busy yarn, with a lot of variation or color, since the details would get lost.

I will post the actual PDF this Wednesay morning, April 13th.

The timing is to allow Sarah enough time to get the Plucky offering ready- and to give those of you planning to order from her a little advance notice. She is working on sweater quantities in a few of her lovely colorways (in addition to this Narragansett Gray!!!). The yarns will be available for order, along with the pattern, for a package price. Specifics for the update will be on her blog, so check in there for more information. I'm sure there will be future updates, if anyone misses the yarn boat on this one.


For those of you with yarn in hand, I'll be selling PDFs of the pattern here on my blog along the sidebar to the left, and on Ravelry for $6.50. And I've promised to wait till Weds as well.


Yardage and specifics are already up on my Ravelry Designer page.

Some basics are below:

Sizes: 32-50

Yardage: 800 (850,900,950, 1000,1100,1200,1300,1400,1500) yds

Yarn: Plucky Knitter Primo Worsted, Merino Lite, or MCN Lite in Narragansett Gray

Gauge: 4 st, 6 rows per 1" in stockinette, 4.5" per 1" in twisted rib. On #8/5mm needles


Since this sweater is named for a can of beer, I don't have a cocktail recipe for you this time!

Just make sure the can is cold and you're on a beach with a bag of chips nearby. Let's just call that a low maintenance recipe, shall we? Next up, I'll be drinking something with vodka.
For those of you who asked.

And the pictures? Taken on one COLD day at Reveah beach where the sky may have been blue but so were my fingers. My daughters, who came along hoping for a sunny afternoon at the beach and some ice cream, tried to make the best of a disappointing pre-summer day where the Banana Boat was still closed for the season and nobody wanted freezing ice cream anyways.

They huddled under the picnic blanket we brought, reading books and hiding from the wind, while Caro and I tried to convince ourselves that it wasn't that cold out. But it was. You may be able to see goosebumps on my arms if you look closely.

So yep, those pics are by the talented and lovely Caro Sheridan, as always.
Copyright 2011 Splityarn!


Ariane said...

Your collaboration with the Plucky knitter is:
a) inspiring
b) making me jealous
c) makes knitting needles go *argh I have to knit faster to cast on for this one!*
d) all of the above

Seanna Lea said...

Lovely! I do have a preference for a cardigan, but it cannot be that hard to divy up the front stitches and a button band, right?

Gigi said...

Very nice! Love the boat neck, top down design, the lovely cable and eyelet details -- all around loveliness!

Holli said...

Love the design. And my, do YOU look fantastic!!

Hubby said...

She does, doesn't she?

Lisa said...

I have GOT to figure out a way to quit my job while still having any income so I can knit more.....

Sarah said...

Oh, what a fabulous color, and I really like this new design! I thought at first that the wee tummy cables were the sides of a tunnel pocket, which really did make me nostalgic for my childhood on the rocky shore. I think I may need to launch a campaign to bring back the tunnel pocket.

Anonymous said...

Love the details!

Mad For Knit said...

LOVE the longer sleeves!! Ok, so I'm so behind on the blogs that I missed Plucky's update. Is there an actual club for this one like Moody Broody? Sign me up!

Kathleen said...

You and the sweater look great!

KatJobson said...

Oh you did it again, I LOVE LOVE it. So clever with the cables and design. A "must" knit and I love that it is top down. You are one very creative and talented knit designer.


Ness said...

I love it! Queued! The pics look a little windy and cold, but you pull it off beautifully! :)

Maytheweed said...

Oh I love it... I may even have yarn for it.

QuiltedSimple said...

Ok - I just brought into the sweater club....but it's a darned good thing the yarn isn't shipping right away.....I just HAD to have it....

Hilary said...

Gorgeous! And you totally nailed the explanation...this SO looks like something you would wear on a chilly, almost-spring beach...or a beach in/around San Francisco at any time of the year. I love the cable detail at the hip and the way the cable runs down the sleeve. Brilliant!

Sandra said...

Had to do the club. I am swooning over the design & to-die-for yarn. I even ordered the same colorway as I think your sweater is perfect. Fingers crossed that my execution will be remotely as nice as yours (doubtful but I sure am inspired!)...cannot wait!

Turtle said...

luv luv luv everything about this one!

Deanna said...

I love the neck and sleeve details! Deanna