Tuesday, August 09, 2011

It's a good thing that we have THIS done, since my sister and her kids came to stay with us last weekend. We still have no kitchen, guest room or even a downstairs sofa space to speak of, but.... a few bedrooms with furniture shoved to the side, a working bathroom, a great porch, and a lot of beer made for a great visit with the Jordans, who live entirely too far away from Massachusetts. (Annie you agree, I'm sure!)

We took them to the Farmer's Market on Saturday AM, and who was there but my old friend and former Knitsmith, Johanna! She was in a booth, selling handmade slippers! She began making these for her little girl, Kaya, back when I still made the trek down to Brookline each Sunday for knitting, and in the few years since, she's turned her talent into a full fledged business -- Kaya'sKloset. She makes the slippers by hand (with a little help), in her home and then she sells them locally through a few shops, and at fairs and bazaars like the Winchester Farmer's Market. Fun to see her and to see how well the slipper biz was going! Check 'em out.

With all the dust and stuff on our floors, these will come in super handy. And they have polka dots.


Johanna wasn't the only Friend to surface this week...

Life always happens this way - when it rains, it pours. Right? I've spent the last few weeks like a hermit, running errands, picking tile, doing laundry a town away, and trying to get ahead of Life in Transition over here. I have more to paint and do this week than humanly possible, and I am sooo in need of a better coffee system than currently available around here.

(Yet, I'm blogging. Figure that out! Ahem. The primer needs to dry so I can do the next coat, actually. And the marble guys are here so I can't finish yet. So, this is a perfectly excusable use of time.)


Anyways, back to this week. I had my guests and I saw Johanna. And two minutes ago, during the marble guy conversation, unbeknownst to you, my old across the street neighbor just stopped by to visit!

But before that unexpected break, I already had another Old Friend to add to the week's list:

I got an email from Steve Elkins of WEBS, who is an old friend of mine from college. Being the clueless wonder that I am, all this knitting time, and all those trips to Northampton and I never did put 2 + 2 together that Steve Elkins, of Steve and Kathy Elkins, was actually the same guy I knew in college. Really. Until earlier this year, when another friend asked me if I ever ran into him in "The Yarn World". In The Yarn World? Last I knew he was working for a beer distributor, out of school and living with a few of the other guys I used to hang out with. But the other friend said he'd been running "Some Giant Yarn Shop" and all of the sudden I realized it! To my credit, we didn't always call each other by our given names in college, since it was the age of last names and nicknames and such. I'm not sure Steve wants his nickname shared (it's nothing bad!), but he wasn't always "Steve" in my head! Anyways, we've been back in email touch for a bit, but seems he's here for a few days. So, yes, I plan on seeing Steve this week at some point. (maybe he likes to paint...)


I have plans to see ThePluckyKnitter this weekend, as she's in town for a wedding, and we have much planning to do..

Tonight we're having dinner with two of our oldest friends, who used to work in San Francisco with Craig and I in the old days. They're on the East Coast for a family trip and will swing by for beers on the porch/and go out to dinner today.

(really, I am NOT making this up)

My group of high school friends who live in the Boston area and do a semi annual kind of dinner thing just emailed for a Sunday evening plan. Which of course, not having a kitchen, I'm all over. (Love the dinner invites this summer!)

and seriously, I've seen nobody for weeks, prior to this! I might have to brush the paint out of my hair today.


Appropriately, I'm also knitting with Ultra Alpaca. It's kind of like my best old yarn friend.

(the blue pile, next to the computer)

For those of you who care, here's what the marble guys have done:

in my someday shower, we have a little shelf!
and in my someday bathroom, here's a vanity in need of faucets and drawers.

Off to work now.
Vodka Gimlet is back at the tech editor for a final run through, and will be ready REALLY soon.


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

How Crazy fun is that?? Enjoy while you can!

Seanna Lea said...

Wow. You are super busy!

Ness said...

Beautiful bathrooms! Friends are great, but aren't surprise friends somehow even better? :)

Anonymous said...

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madforknit said...

Awesome week seeing so many people! I definitely owe you a phone call. Also? I thought the little shelf was a seat in the shower so you can shave your legs. Seriously I did.

Hilary said...

Whoa, that's crazy!! Isn't it weird how that seems to happen? It freaks me out a little, actually. Your bathrooms are looking beautiful!