Monday, August 15, 2011

My latest pattern, Vodka Gimlet, is a shawl collared cardigan, knit from the top down.

It's traveled with me this summer from house to house, and has been crazy patient as I did and didn't have internet access or the ability to think and write. The original late spring release date is long past, and the poor sweater has been moved from bag to box to bag, and the notes on it were in about 4 different notebooks (maybe a coloring book too) and 6 cocktail napkins. Let's just say it hasn't been a normal few months around here, but we're coming out the other end soon!


I wanted this to be an easy piece, without buttons or closures, that could be worn open and loose and still be flattering. I think it's the perfect summer-into-fall piece (originally spring-into-summer, but hey) that can go with shorts or over a sundress, and then make its way into jeans and boots season.

Although you can't tell here, I'm wearing it with a pair of cutoff shorts and flip flops...

In designing it, I went with a classic cardigan shape. I used a shawl collar, but made it long and narrow, so the vertical line would be delicate and keep the focus on the waist detail. This shallow collar depth allows it to be worn folded back, standing up, or lying flat, and the slipped stitch edging is reversible to allow it either way.

A similar slipped stitch detail on the body accents the waist and keeps the open silhouette from getting boxy. It is easily placed higher or lower, depending where you want your visual waist to fall.

The cardigan is meant to be worn open without the fronts actually meeting, so is written with little ease. This way, it still skims your shape and manages to be flattering, while remaining loose and comfortable. Buttons or closures could easily be added, and the shape would be quite fitted (see Tante J's, with her shawl pin!) -- of course, you can add some extra ease in if you want buttons AND a loose shape.

For sleeves, I went with deep ribbing. Cozy and fold-back able.

The yarn I used is the Plucky Knitter's Primo Worsted, in Barely Birch. It's a soft, cozy mix of cashmere and merino, with just the right balance of drape and heft for a seasonal bridge. The subtle hand dyed color is amazing in a slipped stitch, and works perfectly in the design - as always, kudos to Sarah for making Perfect Yarn!!

The pattern alone is $6.50 and available for purchase now as a PDF pattern download here on the sidebar or on my Ravelry page.

It will also be available through the Plucky Knitter, as a kit, with both yarn and pattern. Pricing and timing and such will follow, and I'll link to her page when she posts the information.

Specifics about the design are below:

Sizes: 32-50

Yardage: 1100,1150,1200,1250,1300,1350,1400,1450,1500,1550 yds
Yarn: Plucky Knitter Primo Worsted, in Barely Birch. 200yds per skein.

Gauge: 5 sts, 7 rows per 1" on US7/4.5mm needles. Or needle to get gauge. (Lightly blocked, stockinette)

Specifics about how to make a Vodka Gimlet, can be found here.

(once I can unpack, I'll have my own recipes and pics in my own glasses again!!
Nobody wants to see cocktails in a plastic, disposable cup, and I can't bring myself to make 'em. )

All the lovely pics were taken by Caro Sheridan, Copyright 2011 Splityarn.



Seanna Lea said...

This looks lovely. I still have dark and stormy on my list of projects to make, but this one is going to need to join in!

Dani said...

As usual, it's gorgeous Thea!

QuiltedSimple said...

I love to decide if I wait not so patiently for the kit from plucky knitter or find a suitable sub! LOVE IT!

Susan said...

I LOVE this as I love so many of your designs. I just have to work up the courage to actually make a sweater for myself. Right now my knitting consists mostly of scarves, cowls, baby blankets, and a few simple shawls. I did make one baby sweater, but it was a VERY simple pattern with no seaming required. I LOVE Plucky Knitter's yarn. I own several single skeins and have actually just started using my two skeins of Barely Birch for Irish Girlie Knits' Summer Wind scarf. I am going to have to make one of your sweaters soon, though. The designs are great and flattering.

Trista said...

I really love this one. I'm going to knit it for sure!

Kym said...

Another winner, Thea! Just beautiful.

Ness said...

The slipped-stitch details really make this something special. Once again, great job!

glauti said...

Great! Great! Great!

Patty said...

Once again...absolutely perfect.

Renee said...

so pretty!
especially in gray!!

Yarny Days said...

This is so lovely! What a great design...

Laurie said...

Boy, did I fall hard for this one. Ordered the same colorway, as it is an amazingly useful design. Want it to go with everything, and I'll be for the warm ones among us, it will also be a reasonable indoor winter sweater. Thanks!

Sarah said...

Hi, I am loving knitting this in Madeleintosh DK but need your advice about sizing before I separate for sleeves. I'm a 37" bust and I started off knitting size 38. Will that be big enough? Don't want it to be sloppy -- or, too tight... Many thanks. This is my first "adult sweater" but I want it to be perfect! Sarah