Thursday, October 06, 2011

Remember when I said I'd give myself 12 days to  knit the sweater for Rhinebeck?  3 down, and now I have 4.  The math changed, right?   My new deadline for a wearable sweater is Oct 10.   I moved my deadline up, yes I did...  But if you look below, the magic combination of stockinette and a good, fat yarn seems to be in my favor. 

The reason for the new deadline (besides my amazing ability to make life more difficult than it needs to be)  is that I managed to book a photoshoot with my buddy Splityarn on the 10th.  I have a few other patterns in the queue,which will be ready to publish as soon as I have shots,  and Caro's a busy lady, and this is the busy design/photo season,  so once I have her, I plan to get as many wardrobe changes as possible into one day!   

In addition to moving my deadline up, I've also complicated things here by picking another GREEN knit.  I absolutely love this color  (It's Parsley, from Quince & co), but it's put me in the same drink quandary I was in last week.  As tasty as that grapefruit and mint concoction might be,  I think this sweater is just going to get an Irish Whiskey name and a whiskey drink recipe and I'll call it a day.  There are some great Irish whiskey names out there, as long as I can figure out the spelling!

In related green drink news, there have been a few contenders in the Basil and Mint department:

Burbon, muddled with basil, a bit of orange bitters, and topped off with  blood orange italian soda.  
(The soda is easily found at Trader Joe's - it's less sweet than regular orange soda, but a little more than Orangina)

Lemon vodka,  muddled with mint and a spash of lime juice, then topped with  a bitter lemon drink from Whole Foods (like carbonated lemonade but not sweet).

It's still pretty warm around here, so fizzy cold things seem right.  Next few drinks will get more into the fall spirit of things.   I  need to get back to the knitting, but give those a try and let me know if you like them!


Kym said...

Go, Thea, Go!

Seanna Lea said...

I love how we are all different. You are saying it is pretty warm, and I have broken out the extra fluffy blanket and am shivering all the time. It's pretty amazing!

Maytheweed said...

Many moons ago when I was a fresh, newly pressed 18 year old, on my gap year in Africa my friend and I went to Cape Town for Christmas and had the most amazing time. This included beautiful green drinks called Springboks (after the rugby team). A shot glass three quarters full of Creme de Menthe had Amarula floated on top and was swallowed in one gulp. Pretty, tasty, very green and produces one hell of a hangover. Anyway, I thought it might help you out if you didn't know of it already. :)

QuiltedSimple said...

lovely green....need a test knitter? I cannot wait to see pics of all these projects!!!!!

Turtle said...

the drink sounds so good! Think it may be mild enough this weekend by the fire for this :) Have to head to traders on the way to the river though.
October 10th is a fantastic day! lol, celebrating our 20th that day!

yoel said...

Yum, that bitter lemon drink sounds/looks amazing! Love the glassware too.

Go go go on the sweater! Hope you finish in time!

Tante J said...

Looking like yummy cable goodness!